Why You are not Losing Weight



Are you too anxious seeing no notable changes in losing your weight? In spite of having all the weight loss procedures with you, still, you are not getting the optimum outcome! The main reasons behind not losing weight up to the mark. Why people fail in losing their weigh instead of applying so many weight loss procedures are discussed below.


Realize How Much Weight You Lose Time to Time


It is a very good technique to measure how much weight your and the percentage of changes in weight for assessing your final progress. I think it will be a bit foolish not realizing the percentage of weight you are losing day to day or month to month. If you can determine the amount of fat or weight you lose definitely help you to fix your next target. So it is very important to realize the amount of weight or fat you lose as weight loss are not often parallel every time. It may seem to you sometimes that you are stuck at a particular point for around one-two weeks what makes you frustrated usually. Moreover, there is often fluctuation seen in pounds that you lose from your body. Fluctuation in losing weight depends on different factors like-foods factors, hormonal fiction, lifestyle etc.


Keeping Record of Foods You Eat


You should be more conscious to acquire something. If you are not aware enough then it is almost threatening to keep yourself on the track. In case of losing weight, you also should be more aware.to lose weight it is almost imperative to know what actually you are eating and what is not. According to a study, keeping records of diets you eat really help you lose weight.


Eating More Calories than Burning


Eating too many calories can hiders your weight loss progress. If you wish to burn extra fat from your body, all you need to limit your calorie consumption than you are able to burn daily. But without tracking calories, you take in how can you assess your daily calorie consumption? That is why you need to weight foods or count calories you consume daily for some while. After some days you may be able to feel that how many calories you should eat daily and how much you are currently taking in. if can feel it once, then necessarily you don’t need to track it for the rest of the life.


For example –you need to eat 35 percent of calories from eating protein to reach a specific nutrient target then how will you be able to obtain it without tracking it?


You’re Not Eating Whole Foods


Because of eating less whole foods weight loss may be decreased. You may know that eating whole foods help you feel fuller than it processed one. It also helps to keep health healthy and control your appetite. So start eating an ideal number of whole foods to gain your weight loss goal.


You are Not Doing Cardio


Doing some sort of cardio like-jogging, swimming, running etc. may assist you to burn some factor lose weight.


You are Still Drinking Sugar


Trying to lose weight but still drink sugared water then how can achieve y our weight loss goal. So try to stop these types of sugary drinks what act as a roadblock on your way of losing weight.


You are Not Sleeping Well


Lack of enough sleeping your weight loss journey also may be hindered. If you cannot sleep well, you will suffer from various types of diseases mentally and physically. Because of sleeping disorder, there is the most chance to be obese or overweight according to study.


Eating High Fiber Frequently


Eating high carb foods can also hinder your weight loss progress. To lose weight significantly you need to eat low carb foods. Low carb foods have the ability to improve your metabolic marker like-HDL cholesterol, blood sugar, triglycerides etc.


Eating too Frequent may Hamper to Lose Weight


Eating a small amount of meal frequently hardly has any effect on losing weight or burning fat. Eating small meals help your metabolism go okay and at the same time help you lose some weight. But it does not mean that you keep preparing and eating foods for small meals all day long.it is really ridiculous.


Lack of Drinking Enough Water                                  


Lack of drinking enough water can be another reason for not losing weight accurately. You may know that drinking enough water helps you burn calories around 24 to 30 percent in every one and half hours. So drink enough water to boost a significant weight loss.


Drinking Too Much Alcohol Can Hamper


Drinking of too much alcohol is another culprit that does not allow you to lose a significant weight. So stop drinking too much alcohol or you leave the hope of losing weight.


Weakness for Junk Foods


If you are too much passion for eating junk foods then it is tough to lose your weight significantly. Because eating too much junk food too often hinders your weight, lose progress.


Hardcore Dieting


Excessive dieting can cause sometimes weight loss failure also. Not giving enough foods to your body may weaken you. Therefore, for diet cannot be the only solution when you are on long journey.in long-term process a specific diet may be found fruitless in weight loss. So it is better to foster your health than make it deprive of anything.


There are still so many reasons to uncover what is directly or indirectly responsible to hinder your progress on the way to lose weight perfectly.