What not to Eat if You Want to Lose Weight



For new dieters, it may not be wise or recommended to go on an extreme diet. That means avoiding some such foods that have a close impact on weight gain. Therefore, the expertise thinks that it is a sort of foolishness to avoid some particular foods strictly rather eat it moderately.


However, avoiding these types of foods strictly may be recommended only when you can control your appetite or can defend yourself from cravings or cannot stop your body from gaining weight.


Generally, some of the foods we eat regularly have a strong correlation with weight gain these are considered as a very bad companion of your diet. So avoiding these types of foods may help you go a bit further in the weight loss process.


Here are some most considered foods discussed below these are often responsible for not allowing you to be a success in the weight loss program. These are thought as your enemies what act as resistant in losing weight. Hence, you need to focus on them.


Avoid Drinking Canned Soup


Drinking so canned soup so frequent in your meal or diet may be a threatening factor for not losing weight ideally. Drinking now and then is okay but be careful of making it repeat so frequent which may help you gain some unwanted weight gain. Since canned soup is full sodium that may not make you feel whether you are full enough or not. However, if you really fascinating for drinking canned soup then, it would be ideal to go for a low sodium one.


Ice Cream


Most of us often cannot control their temptation seeing ice cream before them because of appealing look and delicious taste. But eating ice-cream is not good for you if you are determined to shed some pounds from your body. Therefore, ice creams are generally flu with loaded sugar that triggers weight gain. If you are, on the other hand, very fond of eating ice cream, you can it sometimes but be careful of serving size of course. Besides this, you can also make it at your home with healthy ingredients and obviously of low sugar.


Highly Carbs Snacks


Eating only carbohydrate-enriched snakes (like-rice cakes, dry cereal, crackers, bread, etc.) may be responsible to provide extra sugar in your blood what may gear up weight gain to some extent. Carbohydrates in foods what get into your body are naturally converted to simple sugars that are sent into the blood stream of your body.


But you can eat foods these are enticed of different types of ingredient (like-good fats, protein and carbs etc.) let alone carbs only may help you feel a longer period of time that make you fell appetite so frequent. As a result, you are not tending to eat very close to one meal to another. Thus, the tendency of eating less frequent may help you to control weight gain.


Foods like- Pastries, Cakes and Cookies


Be careful of refined sugar, artificial trans-fat and added sugar since these are hugely found in some sorts of foods like-pastries, cakes, cookies usually come in packages. There these types of foods rarely can satisfy your hunger. As a result of it, you may tend to eat further which may provide you extra- calories than daily recommended amount so that you probably to gain weight. So if you want to keep you off of it, you can go for an alternative (such as-dark chocolate or anything else) of it.


Avoid Salted Nuts


Nuts are considered one of the great sources of protein that may be good for you. But there some nuts that contain salt in them may be harmful to your weight. So avoid eating salted nuts what provide more calories than ideally recommended for you. Conversely, you can find the nuts that are not salted but healthy for your body.


Aware of Sugared Drinks


Too much sugar is always threatening for your healthy existent. To remain healthy and not to be attacked by any short of bad diseases that often occur due to the unhealthy eating of sugar. So you should very cautious of eating a large amount of sugar that usually imported from your foods(such as-sugary drinks, alcohol etc.). So very careful of eating sugar than the essential amount of your body.


Fast Foods Like- Potato Chips and French Fries


One of the worst things that usually fuel in triggering abnormal weight gain these can be different types of chips like-potato chips, French fries etc. These foods are often high in calories. But eating high calorie too often responsible for gaining excessive weight. But you can eat them whole since eating these types of foods whole are less in calories which may not trigger weight gaining that much.


Problems with Whole Fat Cheese


To lose weight you should pay some extra concentration for not buying too much low-fat cheese that is individually packed if you wish to lose some pounds from your body. Eat in small quantity rather make it larger.


Fiber Enriched Snacks


Eating fiber consistently throughout the day rather eating highly in snacks or anything else may use for your health. You may know that fiber is very important for your digestive system and make you full for longer period of time if you are especially trying to control the consumption of calorie. So be aware of high fiber foods contained in different types of snakes.


Be Aware of Eating Low Fat Foods


Eating low-fat foods discriminately also responsible for weight gain. Usually, most of the dieters think low-fat foods are not that much unhygienic for their weight, as result, it often saw it in an unplanned way. In spite of eating food, which is low in fat frequently may increase the cumulative amount of fat in your body which results in a significant gain in your overall weight. Hence, you should be more focused on eating these types of foods too often in large quantity, which would a risk factor for your weight loss procedures.


Fruits Juices


Be careful of drinking different types of drinks or juice very frequent as sugar may come with these types of juices in a large quantity. Therefore, different types of fruits juice containing so many calories in them may be a root cause not to allow you lose few pounds.


Beware of Artificially Sweetened Drinks


Any types of artificial sugared foods or drinks containing almost no calorie also can be a risk factor for healthy weight management. But you may drink some free caloric carbonated water having no calorie that may help you feel for the longer period of time what will not allow you drink too frequent or too early.


Beware of Eating Pizza Outside


You may know that pizzas that often sold in the fast foods shop are very unhygienic for you to stay in a healthy weight zone. These pizzas are full of unhygienic ingredient for a good health. As you are on weight loss program, eating foods, which are ideally unhealthy for your weight may gear up tremendous weight gain. Therefore, if you are very fond of eating pizza make it at your home. You can use the healthy substance to make pizza at home, which naturally healthier than make and sold outside. You may know that pizzas that sold out outside may be full of processed meat, refined sugar, refined floor etc. which are considered harmful for healthy weight.


There also so many other foods are available these are closely responsible for not to allow you lose some pounds or create a roadblock on your way to weight loss journey. These are likely frozen foods, high calorie coffee drinks, pizza etc.


In essence, weight loss is a cumulative effort of different types of diets, exercises, medication etc. Therefore, only focusing on foods can really be effective to somewhat to give you a smart and healthy figure. So, to accelerate your weight loss program go further, you should be more cautious of highly processed foods which are usually full of added sugar, added fat or refined sugars. Hence, foods have a very close effect on your body weight. Nevertheless, do not forget to do a consultation with expertise before every change in your diet.