What is TBW on a Scale?



The term TBW stands for total body water. And the title mentioned above means the percentage of your total body weight is water weight on the scale. Being an important part of our existence, drinking essential amount of water is very important to save us suffering from dehydration. Losing excessive amount of fluid as well as the essential amount of minerals usually leads to dehydration. So if you don’t drink enough water may worsen the condition. It is assumed that the percentage of water a man carry is nearly 55 percent of his total body weight. But the perfect amount of water weight varies man to man and woman to woman. Therefore, how much water one actually requires it depends on his/her sex, height, weight and ages as well.


On the other hand, according to physiology, body water is generally contained in the blood, tissues, bones and elsewhere in the body. Hence, to calculate the total body water (TBW) it is essential to add up all percentage of body water spread in different fluid compartments. As water has a great influence on our body to make up a different fraction of the body both by volume and by weight as well, so it is undoubtedly very important to ensure the appropriate amount to keep a fluid balance as well as a significant aspect of homeostasis as well.


TBW on Scale


You must know that water is very crucial for our healthy existence. It is very important to have enough water into your body to run internal system appropriately. That is why; you need to calculate the total number of your body water weight on a regular basis. Calculating total body water weight by scale helps you maintain an appropriate amount of water content. In scale, you may be delivered the volume of total water weight in seconds.


There another important thing is your fat portion of the body. You may know that fat has a great amount of water in it. So to figure out the healthy amount of water content, you need to know the amount of fat you have in your body first.


For example- you have nearly 30 percent of fat in your body where in containing a percentage of water too. In that case, you may need just another 40 percent of water to fill up the total water demand. As far we know, it is essential to have nearly more 70 percent of body weight is water for the healthy existence of our body.


The important thing is whenever you weigh your fat on the scale, the scale usually does not count the percentage of water that present in the fat portion separately. Because the scale does not count ‘fat water’ as water. That is because the number you get may be very confusing to you. There is almost no scale to give the measurement of both the amount of fat and the amount of water separately but at the same time.


There is a chart presented below that shows body water percentage of male and female on the scale.


Body Water Chart (Female)


Body fat (%)

Body Water (%)










Male Body Water Chart (Male)


Body Fat (%)

Body Water (%)











From the above discussion, it is somewhat clear that if you start losing fat one side, on the other side you need to have more water to compensate the loss of fat portion in your system. Though our body naturally does this, yet healthy diet, drinking enough water are also important. But if you want to lose weight by losing water may cause serious dehydration problem.


Total Body Water (TBW) on Scale and Weight Loss


Since, today, people are suffering from overweight and obesity, hence it is important to weigh their weight regularly to help them how much extra pounds to shed through proper dieting, exercising etc. Usually, total body weight comprises the muscle weight, fat and presence of water weight, so here you need to figure out how of total weight is from the presence of water into your body. Thus, figuring out the exact amount of total body water can significantly help you how much weight ideally you are to lose. Using weigh scale to get the amount of total body water weight is very helpful.