What is Holiday Weight Gain and How to Avoid?



Naturally, in holidays people often tend to eat boundless which cause a gain of some pounds. However, it is neglected sometimes, but it has an ultimate influence on their overall weight gain throughout the year.


Here I would like to provide you some tips that may come in handy to keep you free from holiday weight gain. These are likely-


Be Careful of Festivals Coming on Holidays


You should be more conscious s about the different types of festival coming on holidays. As most of them come with most unhealthy foods what may indulge your weight, should not welcome them all heartedly. Moreover, you necessarily don’t need to cast away your healthy foods habits as well on holidays. You still can welcome the holidays by keeping your regular diet with the same size and same health nutrients.


Understanding Weight Zone


Weight your weight for many time a week help you know your position whether still, you are on the track or not. It is a very wise step to keep your self in a smart weight zone.


Unhealthy Foods Should be Avoided Anyhow


I think it will be a supportive one if you have that strength to say no to all unhealthy things wherever or whenever it comes from it does not matter. It is a willpower you must need to gain your target.


Limit Calorie Consumption


Stop getting more calories than you do burn daily. Find the sources of foods that carry healthy calories for your body. Be used to in eating a lot of vegetables, fruits, protein, whole grains etc.


Workouts on Holidays


On holidays, it seems sometimes difficult to find a particular time out for workouts that you do on other days of the year. If you anyhow can manage some time to do some workouts maybe not that much so what it will still help you to stay on the track? So try to concentrate on your regular workouts even during the time holidays.


Drink Enough Water


Drink enough every day. Drinking enough water helps you stay hydrated all the time. Even on holidays try to drink enough liquid to avoid any types of dehydration.


Try on Slow Chewing


Whenever you sit to eta try to chew your foods slowly that may help you to narrow your waistline.


Eat Potassium Enriched Foods More


Find the foods that are high potassium enriched like kiwis, strawberries, papayas, bananas, cantaloupe etc.


Be Regular in Your Workouts


Exercising enough is sometimes more important than controlling your diet to lose weight. Going on treadmill few times on your favorite holidays may help stay on track. You can do your regular exercises early in the morning of the day so that you will not feel bothering rest of the day anymore.


Control Yourself from Unhealthy Foods


Try to control your temptation whenever you come close to any types of candies of anything like unhealthier for your healthy figure.


Don’t Attend any Party with Empty Stomach


It is often seen that who go any party with empty stomach eat recklessly not thinking twice even. As a result, there is a possibility to strike your weight loss process go a bit longer. So, it would be better if you don’t go totally empty stomach with huge hunger at any party. Naturally, parties are full of more calories than your regular intake.


Not Drink Much


Generally, on holidays, people used to in drinking huge amount of alcohol, which actually has no benefits for their health. On these days, they drinks are more consumed than a normal day. So be careful of drinking too much.


Attending Party to Maintain Society Culture


Attend the parties just to maintain society culture rather eating purpose. So that foods can hardly attract your attention to them.


To control your weight even on holidays you need to follow your regular lifestyle. Don’t forget about your journey where to go falling into the trap of holiday’s excitement.