What Do You Mean by Visceral Fat?



Visceral fat is a kind of a body fat, which is very dangerous for your health. It is usually grown or wrapped around your abdomen including your major internal organs (such as- kidneys, liver, pancreas etc.) as well. Owing to an accumulation of the excessive amount of visceral fat underneath of your body, some dangerous health hazards may be developed in your body. It may trigger some critical diseases like- increasing blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, types-2 diabetes etc. These types of diseases usually have a very negative impact on human health.


Though most of us have some visceral fats in our body, it is very intense among the chronically stressed, sedentary people and of course those who follow an unhealthy diet.


Here I would like to discuss below some details of visceral fat.


Why Is It Developed in Human Body?


The reason for the development of visceral fat are multiples. Some are due to the unconsciousness of the people, which is called controllable reasons, and some are totally beyond of people’s control. Eating lots of fat rich and high sugar foods, following an inactive or sedentary lifestyle and obviously not going for long time exercises may be worst reasons to develop visceral fat. These types of reasons are usually termed as controllable factors. If you are a bit conscious about it, then you may be able to minimize some fats.


Some reasons, on the other hand, totally out of people control. These are likely aging, hormonal changes (in menopausal women), genetically pre-disposed to gaining visceral fat etc.


Is it Possible to Lose Visceral Fat Significantly?


Though it is hard to lose visceral fat at all, yet with great commitment (such as -proper lean dieting, cardiovascular activities, aerobic exercises) rather than some mere such types of spot exercises only( like –crunches or sits ups etc.) it may be possible to overcome the worst situation.


A healthy meal plan is also very important to help you with losing some visceral fat. You should bring a great portion of vegetables and fruits in your regular diet. The role of leans meats and high fiber foods in losing visceral fats is awesome. Be careful of drinking any types of sugary drinks or foods (like-fatty cheese or butter etc.) as most of the time these are full of saturated fat. During cooking, it is better to use oil from natural sources as this oil has high monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats in it usually.


Another important thing to lose some visceral fat is your foods ‘portion size. It is difficult to control gaining visceral fat without maintaining appropriate portion size. Depending on different individual’s factors, portion size may vary man to man or woman to woman. So, get consulted with your doctor to know the perfect portion size for you. Without eating appropriate portion size, you can rarely shed your abdominal fat.


Few changes to your lifestyle also can help you to shed some visceral fats. Quitting chain smoking or excess drinking may help to lose visceral fat largely. Sound sleeping is one of the most important things that might help you to lose some visceral fats. Lowering stresses by praying to almighty as well as meditating may also help you to lose some visceral fats.


Danger of Visceral Fat


Visceral fat can be a very dangerous factor to welcome multiple of dangerous diseases in your body. It has the ability to change the operating system of your body.


Possessing excess visceral fats has strong connection with the development of different types of risky diseases, these could be-


  • Arthritis
  • Coronary heart disease
  • Cancer
  • Depression
  • Diabetes
  • Stroke
  • Dementia
  • Obesity
  • Sleep disorders
  • Sexual dysfunction
  • Interfering normal hormonal function
  • It may cause inflammation to pathways etc.


So far you are well known how visceral fat can be dangerous for you if you cannot control it. If you can strongly follow some routine works then you may be able to shed some visceral fat significantly. Fill your diet with non-starchy veggies, proteins and fats instead of high sugar and refined carbohydrates foods. Along with routine exercising, stress-reducing getting sound sleep is also very important to avoid gaining visceral fat.


How do you Measure Visceral Fat?


It is may be known to most of the people that it is hard to get rid of any types of fat so easily. If it is visceral fat, then it is even harder to get rid of it. The fat what is grown or wrapped around your abdominal including internal major organs like-liver, kidneys, the pancreas is called visceral fat. It is a dangerous type of fat correlated with different health hazards (like-high cholesterol, Alzheimer’s, diabetes etc.) what you hardly can reduce easily. It is very different from subcutaneous fat. It is important to keep your visceral fat in check always by measuring it time to time. Without using any expensive machine, you may yet be able to find how much visceral fats you are currently carrying.


Unlike other fats visceral fat rarely moves from its area. It stays in the same rounded shape whether you are standing up, lying down or sitting.


Therefore, for healthy weight management, it is also important to measure your visceral fat.


Here I would like to drop a clue for you by what you may measure your visceral fat.


The Way You Can Measure Visceral Fat


Despite so many ways to measure, your visceral fats it is may be precise to get it measured by using an imaging machine as it stays around the internal organs. Measurement of visceral fat by using the machine is often done by doctors. Nonetheless, using a machine to measure the number of visceral fats is also recommended for the people who are suffering from diabetes and high cholesterol levels. So using the machine (like-CT scan) than trying at home to measure visceral fat may be far more effective to get the best result in finding how much visceral fat you are currently carrying.


Using bioelectrical impedance machine to measure visceral fat can be most accurate one for public measure their visceral fat. The bioelectrical impedance machine uses an electrical current what has the ability to distinguish between fat tissues. To measure visceral fat using bioelectrical impedance machine you may need to bear a cost of around two hundred dollars to three hundred dollars.


On the other side, you can also measure your visceral fat by taking a circumference measurement of your hip and waist.by this way; you can learn your waist to hip measurement ratio. However, it is considered as an easy way, but not that much entirely appropriate way to get your visceral fat actually measured.


In this system of measurement, you need to simply measure each circumference by using a tape measure around the largest point. Now divide the waist measurement with the measurement of hip. If you get the number, worse than 1.0 for male and 0.85 for female that means you are carrying excessive visceral fats.


For example- a ratio of 36 to 40 is considered as good for male.


Therefore amount of visceral fat that has been measured may not be all visceral fat, there some could be from subcutaneous fat too.to see how much fat is exactly measured as visceral you can calculate by measuring fat both when you are standing and at the time of lying as visceral fat remain unchanged in every position.


Whatever you think about visceral fat, it is really a big barrier for them who want to lose their weight. Moreover, it is located in the area where most of the people want to shift their weight to some extent. So to make your body get rid of excess visceral fat, it is essential to measure the amount of visceral fat that has already been grown or are still being grown around your body. Hence, select the suitable medium for the measurement of visceral fat that will comfort you every way.


Why is Visceral Fat Dangerous?


My dear readers as you are very health conscious; here I would like to write you something about the danger of visceral fat on your health. In my last few articles, you may have learned something about visceral fat and how to measure them out. Here I woul like to narrate you some adversity of visceral fat usually put on your health. Therefore, it is not a new type of fat at all but wrapped up inside your internal organs without even giving you any noticeable sign. You may be a thinner one but so what you may still carry a huge amount of visceral fat inside you.


Why the visceral fat is dangerous is a bigger description to narrate. Excessive Visceral generally promotes different type of complexities in human body. Some of them can utterly be life-threatening. That is because; visceral fat is very dangerous for your body. So, to stay healthy these types of fat should not be ignored at all.


The Danger of Possessing Excessive Visceral Fat


Here are described some of the dangers which usually result of excessive visceral fat in human body.


  • Abnormal increase of visceral fat is usually connected with the development of different metabolic diseases. There is also a possibility of developing type-2 debates as well as more chance of developing cardiovascular disease as well.
  • According to a study, there may be a chance of development of both sex hormones abnormality and an utter rick of breast cancer among women due to the visceral fat portion of the body.
  • Excessive visceral fat sometimes plays role as endocrine cells, which usually release different types of hormones and some other compounds into human body. These hormones and compounds usually have a greater effect on your body. Therefore, the worst thing about these is, it may interfere or hinder the normal release of your body hormones. Can you assume how it would if they try to invade and hinder your body organs’ normal functioning!
  • Your immune system also may be disturbed by the increasing amount of excessive visceral fat. The negative effect of visceral fat reaches even at your immune system. It may have the ability to make a crash to your immune system.
  • You may know that possessing excessive weight may be one of the risk factors for getting developed gallstones in both men and women. Particularly women are considered to be more prone to develop more gallbladder stones in them due to carrying excess amount of visceral fat in their body.
  • Your portal vein may also be disturbed due to increase of excessive visceral fat. A portal vein in your body generally drains blood that are from intestines and transfers it into liver. Thus your vein is straggled by visceral fat before entering your liver. Therefore, the cells of visceral fat may secret a multitude of substances that are able to increase triglycerides as well as the level of blood glucose in your body. But at the same time, it reduces the good cholesterol that is HDL from your blood.
  •  Another bad thing is about excessive visceral fat is guilty to deteriorate the health condition of colorectal cancer affected people. In a study, it is also found that visceral fat has a link with the development of intestinal cancer in human body.
  • Excessive visceral fat may lead you to be enlisted in the chart of people who suffer from Dementia. Dementia is a kind of a disease what means losing control over your mental ability. In case of severing dementia, you may be compelled to depend on others owing to being unable to take care of yours. The possibility of getting attacked by Demetria is more prone among elderly people around seventies to eighties who carry excessive visceral fat.
  • It may also cause inflammation in your airways and disturb your lungs as well.it has the ability to make your air passage extra sensitive that may even lead you to asthma as well.


Besides above-pointed complexities excessive visceral fat may also some other still unrecognized or recognized diseases as well.


Doings to Defend Gaining Visceral Fat


Here are some do’s and don’ts to avoid gaining excessive visceral fat particularly if you are trying to lose some weight or want to live free of few diseases these usually caused by excess visceral fat.


  • Say no to go through liposuction thinking it as a quick fix to visceral fat.
  • Do not get too stressed too often, as stress hormones are responsible to deposit fat around your internal organs.
  • Do any types of stress relaxing exercise that comforts your stresses.
  • Smoking may also be responsible for developing the excess abdominal fat into your internal organs as it has been found in a study. It causes chronic inflammation may be created in your body.
  • To avoid gaining abnormal visceral fat you need to ensure a sound sleep as well. Aiming for seven to eight hours may be better to ensure a quality sleep each night.
  • The most important thing is to give mind in keeping out some time to pray to Almighty to relive some stress that obviously gives you a good result in relaxing your stresses.
  • Go for any kind of exercise that will be healthy in reducing visceral fat from your body.
  • How about if you bring some changes to your diet. Your diet should not be adorned with such foods, which usually trigger weight gain or pave the path smoother to let the visceral fat grown up. Besides these, there may be some other formula as well to reduce your visceral fat.


In essence, most of the time it is seen that people usually concentrate on their outside appearance rather than inside. However, in case of visceral fat is exceptional as this fat are packed around your internal organs. It may seem to you that has not that much fat in your body what is really untrue. Whatever it is, be careful of having excess visceral fat in your body. Otherwise, you may suffer long run because of possessing excess visceral fat.


Health Risk of Visceral Fat


Visceral fat is a kind of a fat that can go fully unnoticed due to incapacity to see it with a naked eye. It is an invisible type of fat that usually found in the depth of abdomen and wrapped around your internal parts (such as- pancreas, intestines, liver etc.) of the body. It also affects the entire function of breaking fats and sugar as well. It is because of the released protein and hormones. Unlike other fats, it is very dangerous type of fat for your health. It may cause various risk factors for your entire health such as-causing utter inflammation, risk of damage to arteries and can affect your liver as well. It generally is diagnosed by using some machine test like MRI, CT-scan etc. In MRI, as an effective medium to diagnose visceral fat, researchers can locate the position of visceral fat and estimate the amount of visceral that has already packed in the internal side of one’s body. It also can be measured by taking internal picture of the abdomen as well.


Therefore, people often try to lose their weight by losing bad fat. But in reality, all fats are not made equal. And most of the people even don’t know about all kind of fat as well. Fats usually are come in two way in your body. Subcutaneous and visceral fat. Subcutaneous is usually noticeable and on the other hand, visceral fat is unnoticed able fat. Hence, compared to subcutaneous fat, visceral fat is more dangerous one for human health to stay healthy. Visceral fat causes different types of health hazards including-heat disease, strokes, type-2 diabetes and other chronicle diseases as well. Visceral fat may be termed as a silent killer for your health.


Reasons for Gathering Visceral Fat


There are some vested factors what may usually cause visceral fat mess in your body. These are likely-your diet, your level of physical activities as well as your genetic makeup are also considered one to be responsible for gaining visceral fat in your body. So having a diet that is not that much friendly with visceral fat and having little or no physical activities may lead you to store more visceral fat in your body.


Why is too much Visceral Fat bad?


The worst things what made visceral fat a bad one is discussed below-


  • Cytokines is an immune system chemical what is usually emitted by visceral fat. Due to  increase of to cytokines in human body causes imbalance to health that results in health hazards like- diabetes and heart disease may occur
  • Your blood lipid production also is disrupted by the chemicals emitted by visceral fat.as a result of it your overall high cholesterol levels go up and the level of good HDL cholesterol, on the other hand, goes down.
  • These types of chemicals are also liable for the creation of insulin resistance in your body. Due to the insulin resistant cells of liver and muscle become unable to respond properly to insulin.as a result of it glucose in your body is prevented from entering body cells, as well as glucose levels, are allowed in blood to rise what results blood sugar levels spike up and pave the to gain weight as well.


Visceral may trigger Following Health Risks


Though men are more prone to develop the health risk due to increase of visceral fat, still women should also be careful of it as well. Here are some health hazards these are result of excessive visceral fat. These hazards along with some other are considered as health risks of visceral fat.


  • High Blood Pressure
  • High Cholesterol
  • Heart Disease
  • Stroke
  • Breast Cancer
  • Colorectal Cancer
  • Dementia
  • Type 2 Diabetes:
  • Alzheimer's disease
  • Coronary Artery Disease
  • Metabolic Syndrome etc.


As visceral fat is considered as hidden health risk, everyone should be aware enough of the health risk of visceral fat. So try to test you visceral fat level what is usually termed as body composition analysis. Taking these types of visceral fat test, you may be able to know about the amount of fat grown inside your body and of course about your overall health condition as well. To get rid of the attack of visceral fat both men and women should equally be cautious about it.


What is a Good Visceral Fat Level?


It is hardly possible to narrate you about good level of visceral fat. This is because it is considered as a dangerous type of fat for human health. An excessive level of visceral fat usually links with some dangerous health hazards including high cholesterol, heart diseases, stroke, cardiovascular disease, and Alzheimer’s etc. So if you can keep your visceral fat level in a tolerable stage, it may not harm you that much. But it is not an easy process to do it. Because visceral fat is totally unnoticeable from outside. Being a thinner one, you may still carry visceral fat into your internal parts of the body. That is why most of the time it becomes impossible to keep it at a healthy or tolerable level.


Good Level of Visceral Fat


There are very rare tools available to find out the healthy level of visceral fat in your body. But a measurement scale which is familiar as Tanita scale introduced by Tanita can be used to figure out the visceral fat level. You can find the range of visceral fat level from 1 to 60 in this scale where 1 to 12 is considered as healthy and 12 to 60 is considered as unhealthy or excessive visceral fat level.


But before putting the value on the Tanita measurement scale you need to measure your visceral fat portion. In a number of ways, you can measure your visceral fat portion. Some of them are costly and some are cheaper. It may be better to get tested under machine test or lab test. You can measure your visceral fat by using CT-scan, MRI or bioelectrical impedance machine, which will be a bit costly but may be an appropriate one.


If you seek a cheap and easy option to do it, then, go for waist circumference measurement, which may not give you appropriate result.


Doings to keep Visceral Fat at So-Called Good Level


Here are some tips you may follow to keep your visceral fat level at so-called good or considered level.


  • A nutritionally enriched diet plan may help you to keep your visceral fat level at a good considered level.
  • Limiting fat intake is a good step to keep your abnormal visceral fat at a healthy level. It may be better to limit it I between 20 – 30 % of overall calories. Be careful in consuming saturated fat as well. It should come in less than 7 %.trans-fat is considered dangerous types of fat for your body weight. Because it does not help to keep your visceral fat at a good healthy level. Hence, it should be avoided strictly.
  • Eating good type of fat like -monounsaturated fat may also help you to keep your visceral fat a tolerable stage, which is termed as good level. Sesame or olive is a good source of monounsaturated fat.
  • Eating fresh vegetables and fruits are also a contributory option to keep visceral fat at good level. Try to bring significant amount of fresh veggies and fruits in your daily diet.
  • Eating healthy oil like-sunflower, coconut, avocados oil in your diet may accelerate your journey as well.
  • Good amount of fiber is essential to be included in your diet as fiber is very effective in reducing abnormal visceral fat and help you keep it at good level.
  • Burning calories with exercise usually help you to shed extra weight. Hence, Exercising regularly for a certain period of time may bring significant change at your visceral fat level.
  • Doing cardiovascular can be a good option to keep visceral fat at good level as well. Aerobic exercises like- jogging swimming, hiking, biking, and walking, for around 2 and ½ hour to 3 hours every week may be very effective in keeping visceral fat at good level.
  • A significant change in your lifestyle is very important to get succeeded in keeping visceral fat at healthy level. Being a chain-smoker, or a drinker or a late comer at bed can be responsible for not letting you stay on a good visceral fat level. So these types of habits should be changed to stay on a good visceral fat level.
  • Not eating toxicant and chemical contained foods may also help you keep your visceral fat at good level.
  • You may go for some stress relieving exercises. Since feeling too much stress is also guilty for not allowing you at a good level of visceral fat.
  • Ensuring good sleep can be a good weapon to help you keep visceral fat at good level.
  • Eating fresh plant-based diet can be another maneuver to keep your visceral fat in check.


So to keep your overall health condition okay, it is important to the amount of your visceral body fat under control. It is described so many times that how dangerous visceral fat can be if it is not controlled properly.in this regard, above mentioned clues can play an important role to help you keep visceral fat at good healthy level.



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