Hormones that cause Belly Fat



Are you trying everything but still cannot burn enough fat from around your belly. And you even don’t know the root cause of the failure of the fat burning program which has still not been discovered. Though fat burning is related with your overall lifestyle form eating habit to exercising etc. of which most of them you can control over, yet there is something that has a great influence on which is disturbing your fat burning attempt. Most of the cases it has been seen that the reason for not losing belly fat up to the mark is a hormonal disturbance. Due to the presence of different hormone and their activities your fat burning program may tremendously affect.


So here, I would like to discuss some of the hormones that usually hamper fat burning attempt.




Estrogen is a kind of female sex hormone. When the level of estrogen decreases, it may trigger weight gain, especially among menopausal women. During menopausal, the decrease of this type of hormone usually occur. As a consequence of it, your metabolism may be hampered and slows down gradually. On the other hand, when the level of such hormone increases in men then the level testosterone hormones decrease. Testosterone is a good type of hormone, which is good for building lean muscle mass. Since fat cell of our body is able to generate estrogen, that is why our body tries to convert calories that we usually consume into fat so that it can trigger the level of estrogen. But unfortunately, the fat cells are unable to burn calories much less than muscle usually do. Not only that the estrogen also can facilitate you with triggering weight as well.




Insulin is a good type of hormone usually helps you to resist fat absorption into your body. So when your body suffering from a shortage of enough insulin hormone, then all the calories you consumed turn into fat that can lead you on the way to gain more weight. So this can be another reason that may not let you burn belly fat up to the mark.




Stress hormone name ‘cortisol’ may also be responsible for not letting you gain a success in belly fat burning attempt. The reason for the production of too much cortisol in the human body is too much stress. Since the cortisol has the ability to stimulate storage of fat enzymes in cells, hence there is found a strong relationship between belly fat in a lean woman and high cortisol level in a research done by Yale University.


Besides, when the level of cortisol gets higher consequently it may trigger some conditions like-sugar cravings, lousy sleep and difficulty in losing or in burning fat and finally losing weight.


Low Thyroid


The thyroid is another kind of bodily hormone. Lack of this type of hormone is generally linked with some such body complications like-brain fog, depression, weight gain, fatigue etc. The main factors to make it lower is too much stress and high cortisol. Besides, the lack of enough vitamin-D and disruption of endocrine can be other causes to lower this type of thyroid hormone in your body.


Besides, above hormones there also some other hormones (like-progesterone, androgen, and testosterone) that also may hamper your fat burning process as well.


So if there happens something like that instead of trying everything perfectly to lose belly fat go for consulting with an expertise or doctor. Because lack of hormonal imbalance you need to suffer a lot. Hence, by consulting with a doctor you may minimize this type of problem to some extent.