Weight Loss Options



Overweight or obesity is a result of multi-factors including genetics, medication, level of emotion, lifestyle etc. As there are various contributors, it is difficult to find out actual solution to obesity. You may have obese parents and genetic reason to be overweight. You may have a particular lifestyle that promotes weight gain. Some medications may also cause you to be obese as a side effect. Sometimes people overeat due to being lonely or emotional. Often it is found that more than one factors are involved in gaining weight. At the same time, the factors are interrelated to each other. Therefore, there is a wide variety of interrelated factors responsible for gaining weight. As a result, it becomes truly difficult to figure out the real reason that is responsible for weight gain.


People try different ways to treat obesity. Many start their treatment with dieting and regular exercise. But without having a deep understanding, it is tough to reduce weight in an expected way. So people start exploring many options to lose weight. Some of the weight loss options are as follows.


Non-surgical options


Changing Lifestyle


Lifestyle has a great contribution to your obesity. To treat weight gain you must change your lifestyle. The lifestyle is a big term and it relates almost everything regarding how you live. Your living needs to be controlled in such a way that supports your weight loss effort. Everything including your diet, exercise, work, sleep, etc. should contribute to achieving your weight loss goal.




Doctors sometimes prescribe weight loss supplements alongside controlled eating habit and regular exercise. These supplements help reduce your unwanted fat from your body as much as almost 5%-10% of total body fat. But many regain weight rapidly once they stop taking the supplements. So, supplements may be effective for short-term. But, in the long run, you may gain weight back.


Surgical options


Bariatric Surgery


Due to the short-term efficiency of some treatment options, many people search alternative that can be beneficial in the long run. Bariatric is such treatment that keeps your weight in check for a long period. It also takes care of the weight related health issues including diabetes, blood pressure, hypertension, sleeping disorder, etc.




This device gets used involving a small procedure with mild anesthesia. If you want, you can remove the device within shot time. For this device, you don’t need to bring any changes in your diet.


Laparoscopic Adjustable Band


It is like a hair band that gets adjusted at the upper part of the stomach. It creates a barrier for foods to enter into the stomach. At the same time, it makes the size of stomach smaller. This can help you feel full by eating small amount of food.


There are also other options like gastric bypass surgery and gastric sleeve surgery. These options get widely used in treating obesity. They make your stomach smaller, leaving smaller room for food.


There are apparently many weight loss options. But, not all options are suitable for everyone. The degree of the problem and overall physical conditions are the determinants of right treatment option.



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