Water Distribution in Your Body



Water is very important and abundant constituent of the human body. It is very essential to have enough water in your body to stay hydrated always. Without having enough water inside the body may cause severe dehydration. So to escape dehydration one needs to maintain a good amount of water content inside the body.


Water Distribution


When you drink, water is distributed to different parts of the body. The water distribution is usually distributed in two major compartments. These are intracellular compartment and extracellular compartment. In intracellular, naturally all water enclosed within cell membranes and on the other side, in extracellular, it is external to cell membranes. This is how water that we receive from outside is usually distributed in the different compartments of the body rather than being stored in a specific place only.


Therefore, we know that about 45-75 % of the total body weight is water weight. So, if it is not distributed properly than there might be a crash in the total system the body operates usually. And nearly 2/3 %of total water is distributed in intracellular and the rest that means 1/3 % goes to extracellular. Again, 1/4 % of extracellular is intravascular and ¾ % is interstitial fluid.


Since out of total body weight nearly 60 % is water and the 40 % is other, ideal water weight maintaining is very important for your body.


Multiple Benefits of proper Water Distribution


In so many numbers of ways, water can be benefited us. Due to lack of proper water distribution inside the different compartments of the body may welcome different types of complexities into your body.


Here I would like to present some the benefits that are the result of proper water distribution inside the body.


  • To regulate body temperature
  • To moisten tissues such as those in the mouth, eyes, and nose
  • To Lubricate Joints
  • To protects body organs and tissues
  • To help prevent constipation
  • To the lessen the burden on the kidneys and liver by flushing out waste products
  • Helps in dissolving minerals and some other nutrients to make them accessible to the body
  • It carries nutrients, oxygen etc.


Besides, the above-discussed benefits, in so many ways water usually benefited us.


Water Distribution and Weight Loss


Generally, water has a great impact on our health. We can live without drinking water. That is why; we need a certain amount of water every day to drink. The importance of water is a bigger description. Usually to keep our body balanced water play a key role every day. It has also a great impact on our body weight too. If anybody gets fattier than before, it is, perhaps, easier to shed water weight than fat weight. Further, the proper distribution of water in our body can help us to keep the balance of body weight. Maybe there is a less possibility to develop any type of complexities that are related to water distribution inside our body if it is distributed properly.


The amount of water we drink daily is distributed in different parts of our body, which are called body compartments. Since, nearly 60 % of our body weight is water, hence the proper distribution of water possesses great importance to help body and weight stay balance.