Total Energy Expenditure



The number of total calories you burn daily from consumed amount is called total calorie expenditure. Normally in so many several ways, you can burn your daily-consumed calories. Therefore, keeping balance in between consuming and burning calories is very important to maintain healthy weight management. If you are not able to keep the balance of both, consequently, you will gain excessive weight and sometimes an abnormal fall in regular weight may occur.


So, by keeping day to day record of calorie consumption and expenditure you can accelerate a safe journey to discover a healthy weight zone.


To get the total calories/energy expenditure (TPP) you need to follow some important factors discussed below.


To find the total energy expenditures the main things you are to find out are resting metabolic rate which in short (RMR) and thermal effect of exercise or the consumption of energy required in different workouts which is also short in (TEE).


The Way You Can Figure Out Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR)


The number of energy (calories) you usually burn during resting is termed as resting metabolic rate. Depending on various terms (such as – age, sex, height, body weight, and other genetic factors etc.), you are to find the actual value some cases, genetic factors are considered as optional. They mainly depend on age, sex, and body weight to estimate RMR.


Therefore, to calculate the RMR at first you need to convert your age from pounds to in kilograms (KGs).


For example, you are currently weighing 200 lbs. then divide it by 2.2 to get the weight in kg i.e. 200lbs/2.2 = 91 kg (app).


Now, by using the formula given below you can calculate your resting metabolic rate (RMR).


Estimating resting metabolic rate (RMR) in Males


Age category (In Years)

Equation for RMR ((Calories each day))


(60.9 X Weight in kg) - 54


(22.7 X Weight in kg) + 495


(17.5 x weight in kg) + 651


(15.3 X Weight in kg) + 679


(11.6 x weight in kg) + 879


(13.5 x weight in kg) + 487


Estimating resting metabolic rate (RMR) in Females


Age category (In Years)

Equation for RMR (Calories each day)


(61.0 X Weight in kg) - 51


(22.5 X Weight in kg) + 499


(12.2x weight in kg) + 746


(14.7 X Weight in kg) + 496


(8.7 x weight in kg) + 829


(10.5 x weight in kg) + 596


For instance, RMR of a 32 years old female with 154lbs/2.2 i.e. 70 kg weight can be figured out from the formula given below-

= (8.7 * weight in kg) + 829

= (8.7*70) + 829

=1438 calories each day


The way you can figure out your Thermic Effect of Exercise


Expending energies or calories by doing or engaging in different types of exercises or activities from mild to an extreme is termed as Thermic Effect of Exercise. It is very important to be figured out to calculate all or total energy expenditure mostly.


Here to find the amount of total energy expenditure you are to add the thermic effect of exercise which in short (TEE) to your resting metabolic rate (RMR). TEE is greatly depended on your activity level (such as –sedentary, light activity, moderate activity, extreme activity level)


  1. Playing cards, watching TV, reading etc. are some sorts of sedentary activity level.
  2. Walking, laundry, ping-pong, golf are considered as some of light activity level of exercises.
  3. One and a half to two hours of exercise like jogging for five to six miles a day are considered as the moderate level of activity.
  4. People who generally engaged in farming, mine factories, steel factories etc. are considered in the category of very active activity label.
  5. Rickshaw pulling, heavy digging manually, construction are some of the extreme levels of activity.


Therefore, using the formula given below you can calculate TEE (Thermic Effect of Exercise)

TEE = RMR x activity factor


Here is a standard chart of activity factors given below to help you find TEE


Activity level

Factors of Activity






Lightly Active



Moderately Active



Very Active



Extremely Active




Therefore, finally, you can find out your total daily energy expenditure by following few steps given below .these are likely-


  • Add RMR to  TEE
  • Calculate  10 percent extra from the summation of both RMR and TEE


Now total the all three together to get your daily energy expenditure by following way-


(RMR + TEE) + 10 % of (RMR + TEE) = Total daily energy expenditure.


How much you are eating and expending is crucial to keep a record if you wish for a healthy physique. Because the amount of burning energy than the consumption is less than, it triggers weight gain and vice versa as well. So to stay on the track you obviously need to keep the record or count the total energy (calories) expenditures.