Stop Skipping Meals



Whenever we want to lose weight from the body, first thing comes to mind that control over the food habit and heavy diet. Sometimes, we don’t even care to skip our daily meals to get rid of this problem. But, the habit of skipping meals can adversely affect in losing weight.


There are few things happen if you start skipping meals and consider it as a way to lose extra weight from the body. These are likely-


Slow down the metabolism


Staying hungry by skipping meals can lead the way to slow down the metabolism process. If you tend to eat after longer period time then the body will try to store the calories from food for the time when you stay hungry. That is how your metabolism process will get slower in course of time.


Losing the body muscles


If you are thinking that skipping meals is good for the health, then it is a big mistake. Because there are few things body tends to do by its instinct when the body finds that you are used to staying hungry for a longer period of time. The harmful thing is it will start producing energies from the muscle instead of fat. The body does so because it makes a plan to preserve fat more distress situation. Thus you can lose weight by losing muscle, which is very harmful to the shape of your body.


Pave the way to overeating


You may think that skipping a meal is the best way to diet, while you are on the way to lose weight. But, sometimes as a result of staying hungry for a longer period of time, you may be inspired to eat over the demand as a reward of skipping meals, which will result in more calories in return. Moreover, different studies show that skipping meal can pave the way to eat more fattening foods than before. This is very dangerous in case of losing weight.


Affecting body immune system


Food is the source of energies. So, if we don’t consume food, then there is no other way to produce energies for the body. It is considered as a kind of fuel for the body. If body finds that you are creating scarcity in consuming food then it will definitely make you weak and sick over time. Your immune system can be adversely affected by staying hungry for a longer time.


So, it is better to eat frequent smaller meals throughout the day instead of 2/3 bigger meals of the following day.


How to make a plan to stop skipping meals?


From the previous discussion of this article, you have already known that skipping meals can adversely affect your different usual systems in the body. To stop skipping meals here are three important tips for you. You can follow these tips to get rid of this particular habit.


Make a schedule and try to stick to it


If you observe that you are not able to maintain the regular timing for eating meals, then it is better to make a plan for scheduling your meals. You can set the alarm or reminder by using different mobile apps and gadgets. Besides, you can write it down and stick it in front of your desk. That is how you can stay motivated to take meals on time.


Bring the diversity in your meals


Sometimes you may find it boring and monotonous to eat a certain type of food on every day. This can drive you to skip the meals for time being. But if you can make a plan to bring diversity in your meals then it will certainly lead you to take meals regularly.


Keep the meals smaller and frequent


It is better to take the smaller meals frequently instead of taking bigger meals often. If you can satisfy yourself by eating smaller meals then it will help you to eat once again by keeping short interval. Thereby, it won’t help you to skip the regular meals throughout the day.