Skipping Breakfast



Breakfast is considered as the first meal of the day. After a long break from a good night sleep our digestion system used to revive to its previous active condition through the breakfast. It is same for the metabolism process as well. After quite a long break metabolism process comes to act like the other days.


But, many of us have a common misconception about taking breakfast while on the process of losing weight. People seem to realize that skipping breakfast can help themselves to stay hungry for a longer period of time, which can significantly help to shed the extra weight on the body.


In reality, it’s just a big misconception and a fairy tale. Different studies being conducted by health professional shows that skipping meal can be awfully adverse in the effects of losing weight.


There are some common things could be happening by skipping breakfast. These are likely-


1. Slow down the metabolism process


Skipping breakfast will necessarily slow down the metabolism process at the very first sight.


Metabolism process refers a set of activity that converts the food and water into energy. When you stay empty stomach for a long time, the stomach does not any food to convert into energy. That means no metabolism process takes place. As a result, the body searches the alternative option to get its energy. As it cannot run the body function without necessary energy, then it starts to use the stored energy. Protein, fat etc remain stored as an alternative source of energy for some serious situation. For example, if you are stuck in such a place where you cannot find any food then this type of source of food is used to fill the lack of energy. As a result, you cannot feel too much weak. Ultimately, you stay alive for sometimes without having any foods. Simultaneously when you are out of food for 8- 10 hours and you skip your breakfast, consequently, you are losing your muscles.


On the other side when you eat, some energy is spent to consume the food. But when you are not eating anything that means you are not spending any calorie. So there are some unspent calories stored in the body as fat. Finally, you are storing some more fat in your body in some other alternative way.  


As a result of staying hungry for a longer period of time, the body will response slowly. Therefore, it will tend to store the calories from food for more distress situation, whereas it will start breaking down the protein of body muscles to produce energies.


Thereby you can lose your muscle instead of fat from the body for this kind of habit.


2. Overeating at lunch and dinner


From different studies being conducted by health professionals, it is found that skipping breakfast can pave the way to overeating at lunch and dinner. No matter how healthy or strong you are, if you skip your breakfast, then you will definitely tend to eat more at lunch and dinner. It is our very usual and common characteristics.


3. Excessive calorie intake


Overeating is a very common phenomenon for skipping breakfast, which can lead the way to consume excessive calories than the demand of our body. If your body finds that you have consumed more calories than they need, then it will certainly store the excessive calorie as fat. This is very dangerous in weight loss process. Gradually you may gain more weight than you ever had imagined.


4. Energy less throughout the day


It is observed that the individuals skipping their breakfast are usually stayed energy less and cheerless throughout the day. As a result, they can’t perform enough of workout on the following day. So, by skipping breakfast you can deprive yourself of a very cheerful and shining day.


5. Malfunction in digestive system


Malfunction refers to the process of disruption in any usual system or program. Staying hungry by skipping breakfast might have a very negative impact toward the body function. Our body is consist of several physiological processes. Which are connected with each other? That is why if we skip breakfast, then it will lead the way to malfunction in the digestion system. Thus different gastrological problems can be experienced as a result of malfunctioning in the digestion system.