Roadblocks to Weight Loss



There are so many examples of gaining weight in subconscious mind. You can’t realize that you are gaining weight gradually until you go through the checkup. If you can observe your body weight in a weekly basis, then it will be easy to determine the changes. Once you are able to gain some extra weight around the body, no matter how small the mass is, it will certainly take a longer period of time to shed from the body.


You might be determined and want to lose some weight at the earliest possible time. But after few days of restriction over food habit and dieting, you may be tempted to go back your old habits of taking rich foods.


Moreover, you can be bored of performing some particular type of workout every day. This boredom is considered as roadblocks while you are on the way to lose weight.


Sometimes, these roadblocks can lead the way to give up the attempt of losing weight. So, if you want to stick to the process of losing weight, then it is inevitable to figure out the roadblocks at the beginning. There are significant numbers of roadblock can be found. Among those, I am going to write down about few common roadblocks and the way to the solution.



Skipping the first meal of the day and eating late at night




This is one of the common problems or roadblocks being found on the way to lose weight. Usually, it doesn’t occur intentionally. You may get used to skipping the first meal of the day for the years. But, it has a long-lasting effect on your body fitness. Skipping breakfast necessarily means that you are staying hungry for long 15-16 hours a day. This can awfully slow down your metabolism process. Therefore, after these long hours of fasting, you can usually tend to overeat. Thus you can store a good amount of calories in your body as a result.


So, don’t make this thing silly. You have to take it seriously and eat the breakfast as a daily eating habit. Simply you can do it by eating an egg and a piece of bread in the morning.



Getting hungry between the meals and ended up buying a snack from the store.




We usually used to do it when we make a habit of eating bigger meals instead of eating smaller and frequent meals throughout the day. To get rid of this problem, you rather not tend to shop while you are hungry. You should keep in mind that some snacks are full of oil and tasting salt, which can be awfully dangerous for weight loss process.



It is impossible to control the food intake when at the buffet.




It is very well known and common problems for the individuals. It happens because it seems like impossible to control the appetite when we are at a buffet meal. So it is better to keep oneself away from all kinds of a buffet meal.


But, if you can’t manage to do this, then you have to remind that you are on the way to weight loss process. Besides, you can eat enough of fruits and vegetables instead of fat and protein in the buffet.



It is good to make numerous items for the meal.




I have seen so many friends of mine, who usually used to make too many items for their meals. They claim that it was impossible to complete the meal with just a couple of items. Thus they tend to eat more at a meal to fulfill their appetite. So, it is essential to make very few items for the meal.



Eating at subconscious mind can help individuals to store the calorie as fat.




It is better not to take food while you are in the state of boredom, angriness, emotional, watching television and so forth. It can pave the way improper metabolism which can help you store some extra calories in return.



It is hard to avoid drinking soda or sugared drinks




Some of us can't even think of a single day without a soft drink or sugared beverages. You can consider this drink very silly in weight gaining process, but in reality, it works as a tonic to store calorie as fat in your body. This fast carbohydrate is responsible to produce enough of calories just after few minutes of consumption. So, you should avoid taking these sugared drinks and can replace it by drinking different orange and lemon juice with less added sugar.



Fond of eating dessert after the meal.




If you fond of eating dessert after the meal, then it will result in gaining weight in course of time. Desserts are considered as fast carbohydrate, which can dissolve into calories within a short span of time. So it is high time to replace it with the low calorie or fat burning foods.



Working out can be extremely boring and time-consuming while are doing a desk job.




I can guess that you find very little time to perform working out while you are doing a desk job. Sometimes, you may find it boring as well. Therefore, my suggestion would be bringing diversity in a workout and reward yourself while you are on the way to lose weight.



Why You are not Losing Weight

What favors or obstructs weight loss is multifaceted.