Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR)



Dear reader, before going into the details on resting metabolic rate or RMR, I would like to cost few words on metabolism. Because you should have a very clear idea about metabolism prior to the discussion of resting metabolic rate, which is in short RMR. As a human being, we need the energy to fuel our body to do different types of daily jobs. And most of the energy we get come from our regular eating. So if we can eat exact amount of energy that our body needs to perform every day’s task, then we may certainly be able to lead a healthy life by following healthy weight management.


At the same time, on the other hand, if you are not able to eat exact amount of energy that your body needs to perform your daily activities perfectly, then your effort to keep yourself on a healthy weight zone may collapse. If you cannot burn more calories or energy than you consume daily, very soon you start to gain you weight unwantedly. Here metabolism has a key role to maintain a healthy weight. Metabolism refers to the speed rate in which your body usually burn calories over in course of time.


Therefore, resting metabolic rate or RMR is the rate by which you may be able to know that how much energy or calories you are burning when you are at a complete rest. Since our body organs need energy to function when they are active or alive, there are still some such internal functioning uses energy or calories even though you are in a complete rest or in sleep. Thus, your body somehow able to expand or burn calories from your daily consumption, which reasonably pave the way to lose weight to some extent. Besides, physical exertion you also need energy for your some internal body functioning. Naturally, without being active, your body still can burn some calories by blood circulation, the formation of the cell (its growth and repair), adjusting hormonal levels, inhaling and exhaling, brain functioning though you are not thinking of it always.


Why Should One Need to Calculate RMR?


The calculation of RMR is very important to know the rate of calories expenditure at resting time. By knowing the amount of energy you expend through your basic internal functioning you can get a basic idea about how many calories you can actually burn when you are inactive which may help you to draw the exact daily calorie intake needed for you.


Calculation of RMR


RMR calculation is only essential to know how much energies or calories are expended by your internal body functioning. Therefore, to know the metabolism process during the resting it is also important. Generally, by keeping our body active in doing any kind of mild to worse activities, we can burn calories. But there are still some calories you can burn without being engaged in any sort of physical activities while you are in a complete rest. How many calories you are consuming and how much you are burning through physical activities or at rest is very crucial to figure out. That is because; you need to calculate your RMR or resting metabolic rate.


By using a different way, you can calculate your RMR. Such as-Using equation, online calculator etc. Depending on different factors such age, sex, weight RMR may vary man to man and woman to woman. To get the best result, it may be better to calculate after a full complete 8-hour of rest.


Resting Metabolism Rate (RMR) and Weight Management


Knowing the base of resting metabolism rate rather than a rate of a particular day may be very effective to accelerate your weight loss process. Therefore, to create a significant program for losing weight RMR is considered as an effective weight loss tool. As logically you know that failing to make a calorie deficit then your daily consumption, it can trigger your weight gain. To lose weight or maintain a regular body it is very useful to track the calorie burned both at when you are active and at when you are not or in fully rest.


Therefore, consuming too few calories than your body needs to perform regular activities may slow down RMR which pave the way difficult to lose it is should be noticed that your per day calorie should not be lower than your RMR or resting metabolic rate if you want to lose weight.


So here, finally it is may assume that resting metabolism resting is not that much important but it still can be helpful to find a weight loss solution.


In short, at which rate  the number of calories or amount of energy your body can usually burn through internal functioning both at rest and in sleep is termed as RMR or resting metabolic rate. It is very important to calculate to know your metabolize rate at the time of rest as metabolism has a key role in healthy weight management.