Quit bad Habits



Many try hard to lose weight. Sustainable weight loss takes a lot of effort and patience. In some cases, losing weight can be unusually difficult. Various reasons can be responsible. Bad habits are among the reasons that can sabotage your weight loss efforts. Breaking old habits can be little difficult. But quitting bad habits can significantly boost weight loss process. Below are some of the bad habits that need to be addressed.


Not Sleeping Adequately


Inadequate sleep may be one of the reasons that can make it difficult for you to lose weight. Sleeping enough can contribute to weight loss and can even be helpful in preventing weight gain. The research found out that inadequate sleep disturbs the production of appetite hormones. Lack of enough sleep can leave a person feeling hungrier than usual and overeating on the next day. According to research, sleep-deprived people are 55% more likely to become obese than those who sleep adequately. Sleeping for 7 to 8 hours is a healthy choice. It can lessen your struggle to lose weight.


Drinking Diet Soda


Diet soda has artificial sweeteners. According to studies, drinking or eating products that contain artificial sweetener can cause more weight gain than consuming foods or drinks with regular sugar. Apart from weight gain, diet soda and other artificially sweetened beverages have been found to be linked with high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke and type 2 diabetes, as pointed out in an analysis of studies conducted by Indiana’s Purdue University. Pure water, lemon water or herbal tea can be a good alternative to diet soda.


Skipping Breakfast


Skipping breakfast is not a healthy choice. It does not help lose weight. Those who have breakfast regularly are more able to combat weight than those who do not. Having a breakfast consisting of healthy fats, fiber and protein can help you feel fuller for longer. It can energize you and make it easy for you to exercise to burn calories. Those who skip breakfast tend to consume more soft drinks, sweets and fewer fruits and vegetables than those who have breakfast regularly. Not skipping breakfast is a weight loss friendly habit.


Drinking Alcohol


Drinking alcohol enhances one’s desire to drink more and more, which can result in a consumption of hundreds of extra calories overnight. Obviously drinking alcohol is not in helpful in losing weight. Limiting or avoiding consumption of alcohol is a good idea to enhance weight loss process.


Overeating Healthy Foods


It is good to eat healthy or weight loss friendly food. Nonetheless, overeating good food can be counterproductive. It does not aid your weight loss efforts. It is important to avoid overeating and eat in accordance with serving size of foods.


Going to a Grocery Store while being Hungry


It is not a good idea to go to a grocery store while you are hungry. It can tempt you to indulge in calorie-laden snacks that will increase your calorie intake unnecessarily and contribute to weight gain. Sticking to a list while shopping is a good idea.


Avoiding Healthy Fats


There are many who are fat-phobic. They are the wrong idea that consumption of fats will automatically result in weight gain. Not all fats are bad. Bad fats like trans fat and saturated fat contribute to weight gain, which is not the case with good fats. Healthy fats can reduce your cravings, keep you fuller for longer, balance your blood sugar levels and contribute to weight loss. Nuts, vegetable oil, coconut oil, salmon, mackerel, sardines, etc. are good sources of healthy fats. It is a weight loss friendly choice to quit the habit of avoiding healthy fats.


Not Eating Enough


Not eating enough is another unhealthy habit. If your calorie intake is much lower than recommended calorie intake for you, it is going to cause a number of problems including slowing down your metabolism. Due to metabolism slowed down, your body burns a lower number of calories than usual and it starts to store energy for survival. It is a healthy choice to quit the habit of not eating enough.


Consuming so-called ‘Diet Foods’


Many rely on so-called diet foods to aid their weight loss effort. But, these diet foods aren’t as weight loss friendly as people think they are. Diets foods are processed foods. Metabolizing whole foods burns much more calories than metabolizing processed foods. The diet foods usually contain preservatives, additives, sweetener, artificial flavors and other potentially harmful ingredients. The human body can store such ingredients as fat as a means of protecting its organs from damage, making consumption of diet foods counterproductive to your weight loss goal. Diet foods are not very satisfying or filling and can leave you hungry soon after you eat them. It is a good idea to break the habit of eating diet foods and develop the habit of eating real or whole foods.


In addition, other bad habits can obstruct weight loss process. Eating on the go, eating too quickly, indulging in overeating rich foods at weekend, distracted eating, having after-dinner treats, etc. are a bad habit that can contribute to weight gain rather than aiding your weight loss effort.


Following are some actions that can help break some of the bad habits as well as boost your weight loss process.


Set Your Weight Loss Goal

  • Try to stick to what it takes to aid your weight loss process.
  • Be mindful of the number of calories you consume in relation to recommended calorie intake for you.
  • Enjoy your meal consciously to avoid overeating.
  • Don’t eat and do something else simultaneously.
  • Try to have healthy breakfast regularly. This can enhance your metabolism significantly for the rest of the day.
  • Drink plenty of water every day. Drinking water before you eat a meal is another good idea. This can make it easy to avoid overeating.
  • Late night eating is not a good idea. Try to eat early at night.


Quitting bad habits and sticking to right habits or lifestyle can pay off significantly while you are trying to lose weight. Patience and persistence are necessary for a weight loss friendly lifestyle.