Losing Weight without Exercise



Many ways and process have been discussed to lose weight in this sight. The ways described here are based on scientific facts and real-life experience. So there is no doubt about the effectiveness of this guidelines. The success factors of losing weight are having patience and desire. Some of you may find it too long to follow. You may be impatient and bored following this procedure. As a result, you may give up in the midway of the procedure.  Again there is some sort of people who want to eat mango but don’t want to climb up the tree.  It means that they want to lose without performing any workout. They also have a lot of excuse for not performing any activity. Although it is possible to lose weight without any physical activity.


Because the contribution of workout behind the weight gaining is less than that of the food habit. Food habit is such habit which is significantly responsible for gaining weight. So still you have a way to lose weight without performing any physical activity. But there is a condition. You can reduce your weight without workout If you change your lifestyle and food habit.


So if you are one of them, you have to pour yourself into a controlled lifestyle.


I already said that food habit is the major contributor to weight gain. Consequently, a number of restriction are imposed on food habit


A well-planned food habit can make your dream true. Because weight loss battle is won and defeated in your dining table.  So winning and defeating is totally up to you. To make a well-planned battlefield count down the number of calories you can cut from your meal. But excessive calorie cut may bring opposite result. You can calculate the number of calorie cut in online. Doing some research on your meal plan will make the process little easy for you.


For example, distribute your calorie among the different meal. In breakfast take 400 calories, in lunch 800 calories and two times 100 calories snacks. I do this, there is less chance of choosing a poor quality of food. At the same time, your meal will be well balanced.


Most of the time, it is seen that people often choose junk food for snacking. But junk food as a snack may have 800-1000 calories. To avoid junk food as a snack. Nuts, Yoghurt, or an egg can be a quality snack.


Cooking techniques also responsible for making quality food. A meal with extra oil or fat will not give you a better result. Make your meal in steaming and grilling techniques.


Wherever you are, keep a bottle of water. Drinking enough prevents feeling hungry. It makes your stomach feel full. But drinking carbonated water and sugary drinks will not bring any benefits to your health. Plain water and plain tea are just perfect for the metabolism process.


Apart from the food habit, you need to take a mental preparation and maintain positive attitude regarding the weight loss process. Always keep a “can do” attitude. Sometimes it may seem that you are not losing your expected weight. This type of thinking is suicidal. Weight losing process is a bit time-consuming. But be sure that if you are on the right way, you must get your desired result. You will find some positive friends whose words are motivating. Keep the company of this positive friends. But there also some people whose word is discouraging. Always keep a distance from this people. You can join a weight loss group near your locality. There is also some online forum where you can discuss your problems and get the solutions. Don’t forget to reward yourself whenever you achieve some success. Rewarding is always motivating. Set a specific goal to get some attractive reward.


Losing weight without any workout is a challenging job. Only food habit and mental positivity may not be enough to lose weight. You need to bring some change in your whole lifestyle. If you are quick eater then eat chewing all the foods slowly. Eating slowly will make the food crushed and increase the power of digestion. Going to sleep at right time and getting enough of it is essential for weight loss process. Increase the amount of protein and minerals in your meal. You can use some trick like eating small plate to avoid overeating, keeping junk food out of sight etc. Nowadays it is observed that most of us are busy with a smart phone while having a meal. It distracts you from having right quality and amount of food. So keep away your phone at the time of having a meal.


Gaining weight is a result of lifestyle. At the same time losing weight requires changing lifestyle. So healthy lifestyle is far enough to make your dream come true.