Losing Weight



Overweight causes people to face different problems. It is important for overweight people to lose weight. Weight loss happens in two different ways. One is unintentional weight loss and the other one is intentional weight loss.


Unintentional Weight Loss


Unintentional weight loss can happen due to a variety of reasons such as muscle atrophy, loss of body fat or fluids, malnutrition, disrupted metabolism, hormonal change, improper medication, etc. Weight loss that happens because of these reasons can sometimes be dangerous and causes sickness, it happens unexpectedly. In case anyone starts to lose weight rapidly and unintentionally, it is important to go for some medical check-up in order to know whether all of the body organs are functioning properly. Proper findings and early treatment can take care of such unexpected weight loss and help regain the lost weight.


Unintentional weight loss can be associated with the following disturbances in the human body.

  • Hampering healing of wounds
  • Weakening immune response
  • Losing muscle strength
  • Interference in menstruation
  • Interference in water and electrolyte distribution
  • Interference in thermoregulation, etc.


Vitamins, minerals and iron are essential nutrients for the human body to be able to function properly and ceaselessly. Unintentional weight loss can cause a deficiency in vitamins, minerals and iron.


In order to diagnose unintentional weight loss, your doctor needs information regarding the timing of the beginning of your weight loss, any serious illness, the feeling of tiredness, any changes in eating habit, any changes in your lifestyle, etc. Information on these issues can help a doctor determine a possible treatment option. If weight loss happens due to a digestive disorder, taking a blood test may be necessary to reveal if you have a deficiency in vitamins and minerals. If you have a nutritional deficiency, a diet plan can be helpful. In case of hormonal disorder, a doctor may recommend some medications. In cases of weight loss due to influenza, food poisoning, etc. weight can be regained by having rest for few days.


In some cases, unintentional weight loss can also be a sign of a serious illness like cancer. The earlier you can reveal a reason behind unintentional weight loss, the quicker you can get treated. At the beginning of cancer, around 40% of the patients complain about experiencing quick weight loss. The percentage rises as high as above 80% in cases of cancer at an advanced level. Unintentional weight loss can become a serious issue if it has not taken care of at early stage.


Intentional Weight Loss


Intentional weight loss is about losing weight willingly by putting efforts over time. To avoid being overweight or to stay fit it is important to maintain or lose weight. Intentional weight loss involves dieting, exercising and other weight loss friendly habits. Weight loss occurs when you spend more calories than you consume. Intentional weight loss is about calorie budgeting. Different types of food have a different amount of calories. Fat, carbohydrate and protein are the main sources of calories for the human body. If you want to lose weight intentionally, it is important to know how much of different types of foods contain what amount of calories and eat in accordance with the calorie intake recommended for you.


Intentional weight loss can enhance the fitness of your body. It can provide protection against different health problems like obesity, hypertension, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, etc.


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Calories and Kilojoules in Foods

They are units of energy that help understand energy content of foods and regulate food intake. 


Basal Metabolic Rate

Knowing BMA helps regulate calorie intake and weight. 


Weight Loss Management

Depending on suitability, weight loss friendly lifestyle or surgery can help manage weight. 


Why You are not Losing Weight

What favors or obstructs weight loss is multifaceted. 


Burning Fat vs Burning Calories

Burning calorie is the process of supplying energy for your body. It may be from carbs or from fat. 


Calories from Fat

What matters to health and weight are amount of calories and types of fat, rather than just fat itself as source of calories. 


Calories in Terms of Foods

Calorie education helps take care of both calorie intake and overall health. 


Understanding Calorie Content from Labels

Food labels help control calorie intake and avoid foods with harmful ingredients. 


Benefits of Drinking Lemon Water

Drinking lemon juice can benefit you in many ways. 


Drinks to Lose Weight Fast

Certain drinks can facilitate your weight loss effort. 


Water Distribution in Your Body

Water gets distributed inside and outside the cells, facilitating bodily functions. 


What is ECW and ICW?

ECW and ICW form total body water, and reside outside and inside cells respectively. 


What is Intracellular Water?

Intracellular water is the fluid that stays inside the cells in the body. 


What is TBW on a Scale?

Like body fat percentage Total Body Water (TBW) is an important indication of your health. 


What is the Extracellular Fluid?

Extracellular fluid includes all the body fluid that remains outside the cells. 


Herbs for Losing Belly Fat

Herbs can be instrumental in losing belly fat. 


Spices for Losing Belly Fat

Spices can contribute to reduction of belly fat.  


Hormones that cause Belly Fat

Imbalance in certain hormone levels can cause belly fat. 


Foods to Avoid

Limiting or avoiding certain foods can be helpful in losing belly fat. 


Which Veggies Kill Belly Fat?

There are veggies that can directly or indirectly contribute to reducing belly fat. 


Best Ways to Lose Visceral Fat

What’s best is overall lifestyle consisting of many ways rather than just one or very few. 


How do You Lose Visceral Fat?

A weight loss friendly diet and a healthy lifestyle can help you lose visceral fat. 


Prevent Developing Visceral Fat

A healthy diet and lifestyle can help prevent build-up of visceral fat 


Which Type of Fat is Dangerous and Why

Excessive visceral fat is dangerous because it causes numerous health problems.