Kettlebells are renowned equipment with what you can start your gym-going journey without rethinking. At the beginning, you can take low weight kettlebells, after some days you can try heavier one according to your comfort level. There is various type of exercises can be performed with Kettlebells. These exercises vary with body movement and position. Such as-


  1. Dead lift progression
  2. Traditional pushup
  3. High pull
  4. Two hand kettlebell swing
  5. Goblet Squat etc.


Do not try any imaginary position of your own. Take advice from your trainer. He can direct you the right position and movement. Be careful, while holding the handles of the Kettlebells. It can be slipped off your hand and injure your legs.


I would rather suggest rubbing your hands with some sand then starting doing exercises with it. Before performing with this, do a warm-up session. It will prepare your body for the kettlebell exercise. Breathing is the very important part of the kettlebell exercise. Effective breathing will help to reach the oxygen in your workout muscle. This exercise also can reduce the pain of back, shoulder and neck.


Calories burn


A study of American council on exercise said that one could burn about 20.2 calories per minutes. According to this information, you can burn 1200 calories per hour.




  1. Start the workout with kettlebell practicing basic movements. At the beginning try to focus the movements without kettlebells.
  2. You should be cautious at the time of changing position. It may be injurious if you become inattentive at this time.


Do not wear running shoes, it will weaken your position and increase the chances of being injured. Try to wear flat-soled shoes.