Is Fruit Bad for Weight Loss



Fruits are a great source of foods for those people who are crazy to lose weight. Doctors suggest people eat plenty of fruits everyday as it is a gift of nature and it does not contain any artificial elements or preservative. Even sugar of it is not harmful to health. Moreover, fruits are fiber-containing foods so it makes you feel full stomach for a long time as it takes a long time to digest.


Good or bad


I am not interested in saying that this particular food is good and that particular food is bad. Every food is needed for providing balanced nutrition to the body. But it is necessary to consider the degree of having food. When you eat a particular food within requirements is beneficial for your health. But if it surpasses the limit then it becomes a matter to worry. I suggest taking such foods, which you like most but it has to be suggested by a dietitian. If you take fruits two days per week in moderate level with low calorie and nutrition foods, then you can keep your calorie consumption in check.


What fruit does in your body?


Yes, it is true that eating fruits blood sugar level may rise and consistent rising of blood sugar level triggers weight gain. But don’t forget your blood sugar level normally rises and falls on the day. Therefore, it is not a matter of anxiety. On the other side, it is full of vitamins, minerals, fiber and other nutrients.


Fiber helps to reduce the blood sugar level. So if sugar triggers blood sugar increase, the fiber on the other side controls the level of blood sugar. Even you take high sugar fruit as if watermelon will not raise blood sugar as you are not eating the whole watermelon in one sitting.


But you cannot eat an unlimited amount of fruits to lose weight. At the same time dried fruits, canned fruits should be avoided as it contains an extra amount of sugar. These type of fruits are full of extra calories.


When you should avoid fruit


Some people may have digestion problem eating too much of fruit. Particularly those who are sensitive to fructose tolerance. They should not consume dries fruit or fruit juices. Most of the times it is seen that fruit juice which is found in a can is not real fruit juice. This fruit is mainly made of sugar, water; artificial flavor etc. so consuming these juices will quickly add some extra calories to your body.


Instead of fruit juice, you can make a smoothie by just putting fruits in the blender. Don’t add any extra sugar in it, just let it remain natural. Although, it is not as good as whole fruit. Fruit cups also very low in fiber and high in calorie. So it is very easy to consume many of it.


I will recommend you to eat high sugar fruits such as kiwi, pineapple in moderation; if you want, you can mix them with low-calorie fruits. Blueberries, pears, apples, strawberries, plums, peaches, grapefruits and cherries are very low in calorie. So you can try them with high sugar fruits.


As far as you can tolerate fruit, you can eat as much as you can. Most importantly, fruits are natural real food so they are very nutritious; it makes you feel full with less amount of consumption. So enjoy eating fruits you like and lose your weight naturally.