Indo Row Rowing Machine



After a certain level of exercises with the basic equipment’s at the gym, you can switch to some advanced exercises. An indo-row rowing machine is a perfect tool for improving the level of exercises. It makes the whole body workout. This equipment requires a balanced coordination of legs and arms. You have to perform a workout with this equipment maintaining a rhythm. Once you catch the rhythm, you will be master on the rowing machine. To be skilled on this equipment, you have to follow three rules. These are the following-


  • Order
  • Power
  • Timing


1. Order


Some people think that rowing is done with the whole body at one time. But this is a wrong concept. Rowing is a total body activity but you have to maintain an order while pulling and releasing the row. The right order to start with pushing legs, then core body and lastly pull the row with your arms. Repeat the process releasing your arms then core body and at last your legs. When you follow this order, I am sure that it will be much easy for you.


2. Power


The second thing you need to remember is power distribution. When you push your legs, give 60% power on it, 20% to your core body and the remaining 20% to your to your arms. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to do this calculation while performing. Your body will necessarily divert you to put the effort like the above ration. This power distribution process will certainly facilitate the order process.


3. Timing


Some people pull and release the row at a time. Just believe me this is a very harmful step in rowing. The right process is, pull your body at a time and return bending your knees in two steps. It will reduce the chance of injury.


Calorie Burning


This is one of the great equipment to burn calories. It is incorporated into the total body moving, it burns near about 1000 calories per hour. The amount of calorie burning varies according to the different variables though. The number of calories may be more or less 1000 calories depending on your speed and effort.




I think it is not suitable for the beginners. There is a risk of being injured. So I would advise you to go through the instruction manual before using it. At the same time, you can take advice from your trainer. Once you get used to, it will shed an extra chunk of fat from your body.