How to Understand Food Label


It is most important for the consumer to understand the food label very well as per as their health is concerned. To keep your body balanced, you need to meet up your nutrition’s demand. For this reason, you need to be confirmed about your food intake that you are to going to buy at the shop. Generally, there are no available options to test what nutrients are available there in a certain portion of a food. So, the understanding food label can be only option to confirm your foods’ nutrients fact.


But sometimes food label may seem to you very crazy and tricky to understand. Because of a shortage of time, people often seem in a hurry while buying a food. Nonetheless, it is sometimes difficult for illiterate or little-educated person to understand his or her nutritional demand from going through the food label entirely.


Anyways, it is often seen in various supermarket shops that they are adorned with lots of foods and drinks that usually claiming to be healthy and safe.  These foods have a backpack label on its body usually to serve nutritional facts. By using backpack label anybody can make healthy choices.


Furthermore, by a color-coded front of labeling, we can very easily decode nutritional label of a product. Though all manufacturers do not use this system, back of pack still has the same ability to inform you correct information such as product’s detail, nutritional content and the components used in it.


Despite some drawbacks regarding back of pack information, a few quick tips can help you make a healthy shopping for healthy foods. Thus it can help you go a bit further to your weight loss process. Most importantly, if you are informed enough what nutrition to seek for, it can come in handy in making the perfect choice for your body as well as avoiding unnecessary harmful fat, added sugars, added salt etc.


Easy Understanding of Food Label


As food label carries diversified information on foods, while looking at the food label, you should go through the nutritional information panel thoroughly. Generally, the nutritional panel is considered the main things for choosing healthy foods.


Sometimes you may notice most foods’ packages usually meet some strict requirements including information for consumers with different types of diseases can be even severe if they come in touch with some specific foods. Not only that, it also includes information on foods that how to use as well as how to store them etc.


Few tips on reading back of pack label that may come in use to you in choosing healthy foods and drinks.


  • Read the ingredients list thoroughly as most of the packaged foods always carries vital information in this section of the food package. It is usually printed on the back of the packet. In its weight order has detail information on everything that inserted into the product. So from this segment, you will be informed enough whether there is any saturated fat or not, as we know saturated is not good for you if you are in a weight loss process. Generally, fatty meat, chips, burger, sugar, cheese are considered as the biggest sources of saturated fat. At the same time, Ingredients that come a bit below of the list are also most important as they have a close impact on our health. These are likely-vitamins and minerals etc.
  • If you want to compare a product based on its nutritional facts to another to make healthier choices, go through the nutritional information normally labeled on product’s body.
  • As calories vary person to person that is why you don’t need to count calories constantly. But is sometimes wise to figure out which foods contain high-calorie and which are not. But sometimes calorie varies between the same types of products. So try to check out foods’ energy content you eat per portion than per 100 gram. Maybe it would be more fruitful if you check out the manufacturers’’ portion compares with your amount you actually eat.
  • If you are a health nut then it is always important to check out the fat portion of a food very every fat is not good for your health, nonetheless it has a lot of calories. So be careful about the fat portion the food whether it is good or bad. Normally fats are classified into two category, one of them saturated and other is unsaturated. Saturated fat is harmful unsaturated is good for your health.
  • Read the nutritional information carefully to compare sugar with fat as sometimes manufacturers swap fat with sugar which is ultimately not good for your health.
  • It is also easy to figure out the number of sugars added to the food from food label. But sometimes sugar is directly not mentioned on the food label but in a form of other names like – syrup, honey, nectar, molasses, fruit juices, fructose, glucose, dextrose and many other names. That is because it seems sometimes complex to find the actual amount of sugar for food label. So be careful about sugar whether it is high or low. High sugar ranges from5 grams or less per 100 kg whereas low sugar ranges from 22.5 grams or more per 100 kg.
  • From food label you can also find out the amount of salt added to that food. As too much salt is not good for your health, you should follow the recommended portion for common people. Though, it is bad for our health consuming to much salt than recommended portion. So, we need to be more conscious about salt consumption range. We can put consumption of salt in two categories such as- low salt and high salt. When it ranges from 0.3g or less per 100 g and ranges from 1.5 or more per 100g are considered low and high consecutive. Too much salt consumption usually leads to some diseases like- blood pressure, heart disease, stroke and so on. So be careful of having the extra amount of salt in food.
  • Food label will also let you know the per food’s portion size. For the sake of it you can be assured of taking portion size or to compare it to your ideal/recommended food size. It is sometimes seen, the portion size varies from brand to brand as it depends on manufacturer’s recommendation usually.  So be careful in selecting portion size that should be smaller than yours. Most probably having too big size consuming more calories, saturated fat or salt than usual may hamper your weight loss management or weight loss process.
  • From food label, you can also understand about dietary fiber. Generally, dietary fiber helps fill you up and your daily consumption should be at least 25 grams daily. When it contains at least 5 grams per serving called highly fibered food. 


To understand what is in the food, a food label always plays a key role. Being a human we need to fill up our stomach time to time to fuel energy in our body. The most of the energy that our body needs come from foods and drinks usually. As foods are full of various nutrients, so, we need to confirm what nutrient is good for our health or what is not? How much would be ideal for our health and so many things? Though sometimes it is found complex finding the nutritional information from food label, yet food label can be the easiest way to check out the nutritional ingredients from it very easily just with the help above few quick tips.