Home Exercise without Equipment

People who actually don’t have much time to do any workouts or going to gym can lose their weight or keep healthy weight doing some mere home exercises. To do these types of exercises  even you don’t need any equipment. These types of exercises are often found very effective in burning some calorie. So lose weight first of you need to burn more calorie than you consume by any means whether it can be doing exercise by using equipment, taking supplements, or controlling your diet etc.


Here I will describe to you how some home exercises help you lose weight even without using and single equipment. You can try all these exercises in anywhere and in any combination. Some of the exercises you can try at home as a home remedy for losing weight.


Keep Walking Around at Home



You may know that walking is a very effective exercise to keep you healthy and sound. People usually go for a walk in the morning or in the evening. But it is rarely seen among people to walk at home. If there is not enough opportunity to walk outside the home, you can have a walk at your home too. As you know that walking helps you burn few calorie, so you can keep yourself busy even when you are staying at home. Walking needs your whole to move. By going up and  down the stairs several times you can burn few calorie that help you shed some weight. By doing laundry at home you can also keep, your body moving what will help you to tone up your legs muscle. Walking around several times help, you lose weight.


Do Jumping Jacks



Jumping jacks are considered most effective cardio exercises.it is also effective to warm you up. You can also burn some calorie doing jumping jacks.


Do some Pushups



Doing some pushups at home you may be able to strengthen your arm and to make it effective for your chest too. Though it needs much energy to do, you can make it easily by doing it on your knees keeping your leg straight instead, leaning against a wall as well. So why not do some push up at your home!


Do Leg Lifts



You can have some leg lifts at your home that hopefully help you to build up both strength and muscle of your leg. If you face any trouble in doing these with straight legs, do it as like as you feel easy.





Crunches has very special benefit to build your abdominal muscle up and strength it as well. You can try it at home.


Go for Jogging



Doing jogging you may burn some calorie what help you lose some weight. In jogging you don’t need anything special but a mere a pair of good shoes that’s it.so try to jog regularly for better benefit of your health.


Lifting Light Weight



Use some light stuffs like- can of peas, laundry detergent bottles, milk jugs from your home to make a light weight lifting. Though it is a bit funny, yet you necessarily don’t need to buy any heavy equipment to do it. So such weight lifting may encourage you to burn some calories.


Do Step Exercising



To tone your leg muscle you can make some step exercising at your home also. By repeating it carefully helps you to tone your leg muscle


In short, if you think going to gym, or going for walking outside or workouts is difficult to you, you can be entertained with all these homely workouts mentioned above. These form of exercises may be hassle free for everyone. Because to do these you don t need to count any money to count or find spare time to do it outside etc. Just use whatever you find at your home. These types of exercises often comfort you also. So, stop thinking much, go get yourself engaged in doing these regularly (don not forget to consult with the expertise of course.).