Healthy Fatty Foods



There is a common misconception among some of us that they think, fatty foods are always bad for their health. It is mostly seen among the dieters who are on a weight loss journey. They think, if you eat fat, you will be fatty. But every fat is not bad for their health. However, fatty foods should strongly be avoided while you are on a diet to shed extra pounds that grown all over your body over time. The foods those are full of Tran’s fat and saturated fat, as these are considered worst for your body. So whenever you are picking up your foods, be aware of these types of fats. These fats may always act as a barrier on your way to success.


On the other hand, some other healthy fats can be helpful for your weight loss journey. What fat is good and what fat is not is all about selection of fats that either it is healthy or unhealthy for maintaining a healthy weight management. Therefore, avoiding fats enriched foods totally may lack the essential amount of your daily fat intake. So, picking up some healthy fat in a right amount may act as a trick to lose weight to some extent.


Generally, healthy fats are very effective in controlling your appetite, minimizing the daily calorie consumption so on. It may also helpful; for your heart and for metabolism process to function smoothly. Hence, going for the right amount of healthy fatty foods can wish thinking for your weight loss process.


Here I would like to bring you some healthy sources of fatty foods these can actually be a boost for your health.


Grass-Fed Beef


Grass-fed beef’s meat possesses multiple of health benefits for your body. It is a great source of omega-3 healthy fatty acid. You may already have heard that omega-3 is a healthy fatty acid. It can be very helpful especially for those guys who are a very health nut. Moreover, it is very helpful to keep your heart functioning well. It is also helpful to keep your regular body weight under control. So to minimize your various heart complexities it really can help you to some extent. It is naturally lean and containing very fewer calorie comparing to meats from conventional sources.


For example-


From a grass-fed steak, you may find nearly 234 numbers of calorie and 5 grams of fat. But from the same quantity of a conventional steak, you are served with 386 numbers of calories and 16 grams of fat. So apparently you can save almost 150 numbers of calories and 10 grams of fat just by switching from conventional steak to grass-fed strip steak. In that case, you are not losing your steak’s taste at all, even you may get it better sometimes. Eating such types of grass-fed strip steak may not harm your heart health and body weight that much what was often done before by eating conventional strip steak. In such way, you can find your steak both healthy and taste soothing at the same time.


Hence, eating grass-fed you will get it both tasty and a useful for weight loss process.


Olive Oil


Olive oil is also considered as a potential source of healthy fat what is good for your health. Therefore, containing a good amount of fats will not trigger your weight gain. Nonetheless, it has polyphones, which are very useful to fight cancer. It has also monounsaturated fat that is very effective to make your heart strong. An olive oil-enriched diet has a higher level of adiponectin (a hormone responsible for breaking down of fats in the human body) than that of in a highly carbohydrate-enriched food or highly protein-enriched diet has. Thus, eating olive oil in large quantity may help you to lower your BMI. So use it your different recipes such as- in sauces, dressing etc.




Though coconut oil is enriched in saturated fat, the dietary supplementation of it is in fact very useful in reducing abdominal obesity. In a study, it was found that, participants who were given coconut oil of 2 table spoons than who were given soybean oil lose weight comparatively better. So eating coconut oil may help you to shrink your waistline to some extent.


Dark Chocolate


Not all junk foods are responsible for your weight gain.


For example- eating dark chocolate than milk one may provide you fewer calories since dark chocolate contains pure cocoa butter, which is a source of stearic acid that slows your digestion whereas milk chocolate is a source of added butterfat. As a result, it takes very rare time to be processed. The dark chocolate, on the other hand, takes more time to process. Moreover; it helps to mitigate your hunger and helps to lose weight to some extent.


Almond Butter


In spite of high content of fat, almond may come in handy to help you lose few pounds according to a study. Some compounds of almond are very useful in limiting the fat incorporated into the body. As a result, some of the fats run undigested. That is how eating almond butter may help to avoid extra fat or calories what pave the way to gain weight abnormally.




The fat of avocado may not that much worry about you. Avocado is a source of mono-saturated what has oleic acid in it. The oleic acid is helpful to make you feel less hungry so that you do not tend to eat very frequent. It may also provide you enough of protein and fiber. Thus, it may help you to have a healthy body weight and to lead a sound health.


Greek Yogurt


Adding a low-sugar and high protein Greek yogurt in your regular breakfast may help you to control your appetite and feel full for longer period of time. Because of extra protein and healthy fat combo in Greek yogurt can be one of your good choices for fat. Protein usually takes a longer period to break down and on the other hand, the mechanism of fat is to make you feel satisfied.


Wild Salmon


You can find the essential amount of healthy fat from wild salmon fish. It has a good health benefit. It is a source of healthy omega-3 fatty acid what is good for your heart health. Eating salmon, a couple of times in a week may be helpful for your health. The omega-3 found in wild salmon also helpful in reducing the risk of arrhythmia, decreasing the level of triglyceride and lowering the blood pressure slightly.