Healthiest Weight Loss Diet



In our daily fast moving life, maintaining a healthy a healthy and fit body is tough. Many people try much weight loss diet but in the midway, they give up. Because we all are different from others in every angle. At the same time weight loss as simple as it is thought. It needs certain steps to follow. Because our body system requires a particular environment to adapt to the weight loss process.


Most of the time people become perplexed because there is huge number false information regarding weight loss system. So people don’t get the right way to go out of this problem. Take any diet book, that instructs to this and does that, eats less, performs more exercise, take low fat or reduce carb intake etc. so who should you go with? The important matter is there is no “universal size” that fits everyone. On body responds differently depending on our body cell structures or genetics.


In this article I will not be food specific rather I will try to give you a guideline about how a healthy diet should be that promote weight loss.


Calorie consume and calorie spent


A prevalent idea is losing weight concerns with burning more calories than you consume. That sounds so simple, is not it? But many people don’t lose weight applying this simple equation. In the beginning, they lose some weight and after some time they again start gaining weight. Because in the beginning, you lose water and some fat. But for long-term weight loss, you need to lose lean body mass. To continuously lose weight you have to keep cutting calories.


Carb accumulation in the body


Another important fact that regulates weight loss is how your body accumulates fat after carb consumption. Carb-rich foods release insulin into your blood and it regulates blood sugar level. It hinders fat cells to be burned as fuel and it helps to create more fat cells to keep calorie you can’t burn. As a result, you gain weight. So check out your carb consumption.


Don’t eat emotionally


Normally we eat when it is time to eat or we feel hungry for eating. But many of us eat emotionally. Some people overeat when they are worried or lonely. It is often seen that people tend to eat more when they are stressed. If you are one of those then try to have a hot bath, meditation or yoga. Go for a walk or have a nap.


Be motivated


For long-term sustainable weight loss, you need to strive for best. Don’t solely depend on physical and food. Be mentally prepared and motivate yourself. Interact with the community that supports your weight loss goal. It may be your friends, family or likeminded person. Seek some positive and inspiring facts that help in losing weight.


Reduce refined carb and sugar


When we eat food, we mostly consume carb-rich foods, which is quite harmful to weight loss goal. Even we are being more dependent on refined foods that provide more calorie than it is needed. If you love eating sweets or dessert after a meal then take fewer times. Eat low sugar foods and avoid soft drinks.


Moreover, these are not all to lose weight, eat good fat instead of low fat, keep plenty of fruits, veg and fiber content and eat attentively so that you can avoid overeating.


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