Gym Equipment for Losing Weight



Entering into a gym, you might be little confused thinking which equipment you should try first. Please don’t be confused. I am here to help you through the process of selecting the right one. You have to keep the formula of losing weight deep in your mind and what is the formula? The formula is to burn more calories than you consume. You can say, more or less every equipment burns calorie. Where is the difference then?


You can make the difference, you should take that equipment which is comfortable for you to burn calories. You can consult with your trainer. He/she can advise you which equipment is best at the beginning stage.


There is various type of equipment based on your body parts. These include upper body, lower body and abs or core body parts. Upper body is deemed from shoulder to waist and lower body part is waist to foot. You can try chest press, tricep extension and pec fly machines for your upper body parts. On the other hand, if you are going to focus on lower parts of the body, you can take leg press and calf raise machine. As your objective is losing weight, you need to concentrate on whole body instead of some particular part.


Your trainer will develop a workout plan according to your age, weight and height. An appropriate plan can lead you on the way of getting the right shape. If you face any kind of problem performing any particular workout, get the suggestions from your trainer regarding the issue. But don’t try absurd workout up on your wishes at the initial level. It may be very harmful to you.


Now, let’s figure out the type of workout you need to do. There are cardiovascular exercise and weight training exercise. A person like you who wants to lose weight, I think cardiovascular is the best option for you. I am going to make it clear how cardiovascular exercise works for losing weight.


Cardiovascular refers to the aerobic exercise which is performed in presence of oxygen. When you perform a certain work out that raises your heart rate above the regular heart rate and it lasts longer than 90 seconds, then it is called cardiovascular. For this activity, your heart pumps more oxygen enriched blood to your working body. This necessarily accelerates the blood circulation across the body. To complete this process a lot of energy is required which is taken from your body fat. That required energy is termed as a calorie. The more will be the heart rate, the more you will burn calories.


So, it would be better to take such equipment and exercises which are suitable for you and your comfort level. 



Group Cycling Bike

This is one of the best gym equipment that helps burn lots of calories. 


Indo Row Rowing Machine

This machine is awesome for advanced level exercises, involving whole body workout and burning lots of calories. 


Elliptical Machines

Elliptical machine is great for low-impact cardio workout and calorie burning. 



Exercising with kettlebells helps burn calories significantly favoring weight loss.