Gym is one of the important places for losing weight. It is a place which is well equiped with modern amenities helping individuals to burn calories from the body. People join here to perform phyiscal activities or excercise for attaninig their desired fitness goal or losing weight.


When you are on the way of losing weight, you can get to the gym to boost up calorie burning process what have consumed in earlier stage. It will provide you an ennvironment to act for healthy life. More importantly, you can get the motivation from the fittest people of your locality.


You can call thegym a community club as well. Many people come here to perform different type of exercises. Everybody who comes here are also paid members unlike you. Therefore, everyone has same right as you have. That is why the gym authority has to develop some rules and etiquettes, which are commonly applicable to all.


It’sinevitable to abide by the rules being implemented by the gym authority. You may get a brochure while joining gym. You will find all the rules and regulations in black and white. Read it carefully.


You need to take some preparation before joining gym. There are somedo’s and don’ts you need to follow before going to gym, at the gym and after returning from gym.


Here I am going to introduce some etiquettes regarding this issue, which you should follow accordingly. These are likely-

  • Before going gym, it is good for you to have bath. Because during work out, you will sweat. If you take shower before it, bad odor will not come from your body.
  • Be familiarized with the trainers, stuffs and the members of the gym. Try to know where are the change rooms, washrooms and other locker room located.
  • You must know the place, where the first aid boxis kept. Ask the name of all the equipment’s you take. Learn how they work and what precautions you should take while using some particular equipment’s.
  • You must warm up before starting workout. It will make your body prepare for the exercise.
  • Take some stuff before going to gym. These include a towel, a bottle of water and so forth. At the time of work out you will sweat, to wipe out your sweat, you need a towel. On the other hand, after sweating you may get dehydrated if you don’t drink water. So it is essential to keep a water pot.
  • You should not stick to a particular equipment for hours. The equipment’smust be shared with all members. Plan your time and workout accordingly, which can help you to bring the diversity on your exercise plan.
  • Clothing is one of the important things, which you should choose carefully. What color or type of cloth you choose is up to you. But consider one thing that your cloth shouldn’t be too tight or too loose. It must not be obscene. You should not get attracted people at you.Put as simple and modest dress as you can.
  • Some term words are used regarding the workout in the gym. Try to know all the words you hear. Make sure that you know the meaning of those words. If you don’t understand, ask the stuff or the trainer. Don’t be shy asking them.
  • It is not a good manner talking on the phone with someone inside the gym. Be sure that you have switched off or put it on the silent mode.
  • And the last but not the least, Don’t imitate the fittest guy or the sexy lady in the gym. They work out according to their own capability and stamina. You have to do yours. Just try to follow the steps your trainer has given you. That is enough to get your dream fitness.



Group Cycling Bike

This is one of the best gym equipment that helps burn lots of calories. 


Indo Row Rowing Machine

This machine is awesome for advanced level exercises, involving whole body workout and burning lots of calories. 


Elliptical Machines

Elliptical machine is great for low-impact cardio workout and calorie burning. 



Exercising with kettlebells helps burn calories significantly favoring weight loss.