Foods to Avoid While Dieting



Weight losing process imposes many restrictions on your lifestyle. You cannot sleep late at night after enjoying a movie. Even it is not desired to have your dinner at a certain time Most of the restrictions are seen on the food habit. You are given a food chart, which guides you about which foods you can take at what amount.


Although people allege that, they have to forego some delicious foods for the weight-losing requirement. These foods are bad in terms of fat and calorie contentment. So I will advise you to keep a distance from these foods while you are trying to lose weight. You may know that processed or refined foods are not well enough for weight loss people. High sugar contained foods also increase cholesterol level that is not expected while losing weight. Here I am specifically describing some foods that are bad for weight loss program.


French fries


Plain potato is healthy and beneficial for losing weight. But other forms of potato such as French fries or chips are simply harmful to your fat burning process. You can eat many of them and get quick energy. Thus, it promotes weight gain. In another study, it is found that fried potatoes cause cancer.


Sugary drinks


Sugar contained drinks or beverages are favorite to many youngsters. But if you want to lose weight and if you are fond of it then cut this from your food list. These drinks contain a big amount of calories, which never let you feel full. So you consume always excess calorie after drinking these drinks.


White bread


In the beginning, I admonish all of you not to take any processed or refined foods. White bread is processed food with lots of sugar. It ranks top in Glycemic index so you can imagine how quickly it converts into energy. Eating alternative of white is the better option. Ezekiel bread is far away better than white bread.




The candy bar is good to taste but horrific for losing weight. It is filled processed flour, oil and sugar. These elements make it high in calorie but low in food value. You cannot imagine that a small size of candy bar contains 200-300 calories. The matter of sorrow is you can find it everywhere you go. It is difficult to restrain the temptation of it. But for the better weight loss result from you to keep the distance from your candy bar.




Tell me who does not love having ice cream. Even I love to taste a new flavor of it. But I don’t need to lose my weight. You are concern about weight loss. So you need to be careful eating this extra delicious food as it can be eaten in huge amount. Instead, eat ice cream made with yogurt and fruit.


I always say that a person can be identified by what he loves to eat or what he does not love to eat. Today I tried to describe those foods that always should be avoided to get better improvement in weight loss mission. So abstain from these foods and be healthy and light life.