Flat Belly Diet Myth


Having a flat belly or taut tummy is something that everyone yearns for. But it is so bewildering when someone sees thousands of articles, publications, and advertisements on getting a flat belly. Some of these are based on personal experiences, superstitions, and beliefs. Hence, it is extremely hard to get the right idea of the overall process. Basic things are still the same as exercising, dieting etc. There are various myths that will misguide you. So, beware of those myths.


You Must Starve Yourself to Get a Flat Belly


This is the most common myth that you will find everywhere. Yes, you will get some results. There are some repercussions too. It will slow down your metabolism. You will lose muscle mass. When you will return to normal eating habit, you will see a sudden increase in weight.


This is because your metabolism will not react to the food as it used to do normally. If you starve yourself, your body tries to adjust it by going into “starvation mode,” which is a slowdown in metabolism. So when you're trying to keep your metabolism running normal, you can't starve yourself. You must find the balance of caloric intake to see the result without making your body go into starvation mode.


You Must Buy Diet Pills, Abdominal Machines, and Belts


Using diet pills, abdominal machines and belts will not effectively work on your body. These instruments and pills are expensive. They are not even effective. All the advertisements you are watching on televisions and websites will try to persuade you by showing scientific proves and mechanism. Ultimately, it will have a bad impact on your body. Chances are, you are messing up with your metabolism too.


You Will be Able to Lose only Belly Fat (Spot Reduction)


Spot reduction is not possible at all. You have to lose your overall weight to see the result. When you are maintaining your diet and working out regularly, you will see a gradual reduction of fat from your whole body. Running on a treadmill, hiking and jogging are some of the most effective ways to lose belly fat. You have to cut about 1600 calories out of your diet every day to lose fat. You can do that by eating less and increasing the intensity of your exercise.


You Can Get Flat Belly by Doing High-Intensity Ab Exercises


No matter how many crunches you do, it will not give you the flat belly. To make your abs pop up, you must focus on your diet first. Everyone is born with abdominal muscles that vary in shape, size and look. Eating a balanced diet will promote fat loss around the abdominal muscles and help them to develop.


Some People are Born to be Fat and Overweight


It is true that you only store fat in the areas of your body predetermined by the genes. However, it is extremely important that you are eating a balanced diet and exercising to get in good shape. It is only an excuse that you are overweight for your bad genes. You have to work hard to see the results.


Low-Fat and Fat-Free Foods are Effective


People often try to eat low fat and fat-free foods to get a flat stomach. They think it will promote their weight loss. Indeed, low fat and fat-free foods have a high level of added sugar. Hence, low fat and fat-free foods contain higher calorie content than full-fat products.


Green Tea Melts Fat


Green tea is a great alternative to juices and sodas. Studies have shown drinking green tea around three cups a day increases your metabolism process. You must adjust your diet plans too. Having a perfect metabolism is great but it will not melt your fat. A balanced diet and exercise will help you to attain the flat belly you are craving for very long time.