Fat Burning Workouts



Workouts that help you to burn your body fat are commonly known as fat burning workouts. Are you thinking about losing weight as well as to burn fat in the fastest way? If so I will recommend you to read this article. Undoubtedly this article will help you a lot with losing weight.


By reading this article you will be able to know about different types of fat burning workouts. You will also learn how to do fat burning workouts at home.


Types of fat burning workouts


Major fat burning workouts include jogging, cycling, running on the treadmill, spinning, hovering, jumping, stretching, weight lifting, jumping jacks, dance workouts, yoga, push-up, squat with shoulder press, dumbbell rows, plank shoulder tap etc.


How to do fat burning workouts


In order to do fat burning workouts, you may spend time in Gym. You can do fat burning workouts at home too. For fat burning workouts you may have to spend around one hour at Jim. If you want to burn, your fat faster than you can go to Jim and can run on the treadmill for about half an hour. Another half an hour you can spend in weight lifting. If you don’t get enough time then you can do fat burning workouts at home.


Fat burning workouts at home


Suppose you are ready to do fat burning workouts. But due to huge workload you are not getting sufficient time to enroll in a gym. If you face such situation then you can do fat burning workouts at home. Let’s take a look how and what types of fat burning workouts you can do at home.



  • At first, you can do ten push-ups or knee push-ups.
  • After doing ten push-ups or knee push-ups you should do fifteen to twenty jumping jacks. You may know that jumping jacks is a physical
  • After finishing jumping jacks you can do ten squats or lunges. Let’s have a brief idea about squat and lunge. The squat is a full body exercise. Basically, it works on the muscles of thigh and hip. On the other hand, during lunge exercise, a leg is positioned forward with knee bent and foot flat on the ground.At the same time, other leg is positioned behind.
  • After doing ten squats or lunges again you can do fifteen to twenty jumping jacks.
  • Then you can do ten crunches. You may know that crunch is a very well known stomach exercise. To do a crunch at first you have to lie on the surface. Keep your face up and bent your knees. You can put your hands behind your neck.
  • If you are not tired, enough then you can do fifteen to twenty jumping jacks again. Then pick-up dumbbells and overhead up and down a total of ten times.
  • You can finish your fat burning workouts with a final series of fifteen to twenty jumping jacks.