Elliptical Machines



Elliptical machine has great recognition for its low impact on human body. You can find similarities between elliptical machine and treadmill in some extent. It is one of the best equipment for the beginners who are going to start performing workout from the initial level.


If you feel confusing whether this machine will help you to lose weight or not, then I am here assuring you to try it without worrying much about its diverse impact on your body. At the beginning, you may face low stamina. It happens as the body needs to be adopted with the newly performed workout. But, in course of time you would be able to overcome this low-performance tendency, as your body once get cope up with it then you can gradually boost up the range of working with the elliptical machine.


It creates barely any stress on knees, hip and back. It will definitely strengthen your muscle and help to breathe easier. There are some dos and don’ts while using this equipment. These are likely-


  1. It is very good to have a wristwatch and a heart rate monitor. These things will help you to count your heart beats. So make sure you have a wristwatch and a heart rate monitor.
  2. Some people jump and put some speed on the elliptical machine very quickly. As a result, they do not have any idea about their body position. This is not a proper way of working out on the elliptical machine. You must keep your core body flat, chest up and head straight. Put your hands on the top and push the handles.
  3. Do not forget to take breath accordingly. Take a deep breath with your nose and leave it from your mouth. It will make sure to connect oxygen with the workout muscles of your body.
  4. You can keep your strides per minute ranging from 150 to 160. However, if you want to take some challenge than increase the resistance level.


Calories Burn


As you have already known that elliptical machine is low impact equipment, but it can help you burn about 600 calories per hour. The amount varies according to the body mass index, rate, duration and speed of performance. Moving the arms alongside your arms can lead the way to burn some more calories.