Eating Amnesia



Eating amnesia is also termed as distracted eating. It necessarily means not realizing the food intake when someone is eating in absent of mind. It’s an act of eating unconsciously from the bag or bowl while watching television, doing desk job in front of the computer, reading books, sightseeing and so forth. I am pretty sure that many of us accustomed to this habit while we are not aware of the term known as eating amnesia.


This habit can be exquisitely dangerous in maintaining a healthy diet. It’s all about eating above the demand of daily caloric need.


When our body finds that it has more than enough calorie than the demand, then it will necessarily tend to store the calorie as fat. This will result in gaining weight in course of time. But, we are planning to shed some extra weight on the body. That is why we have to find some way out to get rid of this bad habit and we have to stick to the healthy diet while we are on the way to this weight loss process.


If you have gained this habit for so many years, then you can’t just change it overnight. I have seen so many friends of mine who have had this habit and tried to give up overnight. But, they failed to do that. I don’t want to see you fail like them. So, here I am going to write down some suggestion regarding the issue of eating amnesia. Such as-


1. Eat your meal consciously


This is the first thing to do if you want to get a release from the habit of eating amnesia. Keep all of your tasks away when you are at the dining table. Enjoy the food and make sure that you are seeing what you are eating. Seeing your food is half done on the way to eat.


Here I am going to describe some tips to eat consciously so that you can get rid of eating amnesia.


Deep breathing


When you sit for eating, take a deep breath. Taking a deep breath will make you concentrate on your meal. It helps to avoid all the distracting factors.


Sit comfortably


Sitting arrangement always influence your concentration. If you don’t sit comfortably then it is difficult to focus on anything. It is also true for eating habit. Sitting uncomfortably will distract you to eat properly.


Chewing properly


What you eat, chew properly. Digestion process starts from your mouth. But most of the people don’t chew foods properly. That’s why they face digestion disorder.


Eat slowly


If you have a habit of eating quickly then give it up now. You are not going to miss your train. So be slow in eating your meal.


Keep yourself away from multitasking work


There are many people out there who would love to do multitasking work. It’s a big trend nowadays. But it can result in a bad impact in dieting if you would love to eat your food while performing a different type of works alongside. I am not saying that multitasking is a bad thing. It can be a great way to do great things for the well-being of society. But, make sure that multitasking is not leading you on the way to eating amnesia in course of time.


Don’t make too many items for eating your meal


I have seen so many examples of making many items for the meal. So if someone sits to eat with the family members and talk about different family issues or interesting topics, then it will lead the way to overeat and eating amnesia. Therefore, you have to keep it in your mind and inspire to cook very few items for the meal.


When you make too many items, the chances of eating too much increase. For example, if you make two items then you have no chance to eat beyond these items. At the same time, the two items will make you cram full very soon. But think once what happens when you make 5 or 6 items in each meal. You eat every item in less amount as a whole the amount eating more than the amount you eat at the time of two items.


Another thing is when few item is made you will be monotonous very soon. But when too many items are made the various items will entertain you more and you will tend to eat more.


I am not telling you to avoid a meal of many items. Of course, you can have many items but take consciously. In a month, you can go to a buffet dinner or join a party. Once or twice in a month, you can eat as much as you can. But you 


So be cautious and control yourself into having too many items at a time.


Don’t keep food everywhere


So many of us have a habit of keeping different types of food everywhere in the home. If you find food everywhere and accessible when you come back from office with an empty stomach, then no matter how obese or overweight you are. You will certainly eat at the first sight. If you have a habit of wondering around, then you will tend to eat more until you are going to have a bigger meal. Thus you will be able to store enough calories as extra weight in your body.


5. Never stay awake late at night


Your habit of staying awake late at night can lead the way to eat some extra food. I have witnessed so many examples of doing this way and gaining weight. This is considered as one the great reasons behind the habit of eating amnesia. So, if you want to get rid of this, then it’s high time to make a habit of sleeping early at night.


Keep yourself away from hanging out with friends and colleagues at weekend


Nowadays it’s very common trend to hang out with friends and colleagues for different purposes. Sitting in a restaurant is inevitable while hanging out. Thus, either you want or not, you will have to keep up with your friends and colleagues.


I am pretty sure that you are ought to eat some extra food in the restaurant while participating this kind of hang out. So, it is better to keep yourself away from hanging out in a regular basis.