Eat When Hungry



I am pretty sure that many of us familiar with the eating habit of children. Can you remember, what do they do when they feel hungry? They usually let other people know by crying or other activity when they are hungry. After eating they will feel comfortable and won’t disturb you until they get hungry once again.


This is a very common phenomenon in our daily life. But, as we grow up and bound to adopt a common habit of eating meals maintaining a time cycle. Usually, we used to eat 2/3 bigger meals throughout the day by following 6-7 hours of interval. Thus, we don’t consider the cues of hunger. This is a big mistake, which can affect adversely in our body fitness. We may fail to manage our body weight as a result of slower metabolism and eating habit.


If you want to lose your weight, then you should consider the hunger as a guide to the weight loss strategy. It is very effective in this particular case. Your emotional (i.e. sadness, boredom, anger) eating can lead the way to store extra calories as fat in your body. So, if you pay attention to your hunger cues, then you can limit the calorie intake and it will result in proper metabolism.


Eating when hungry can help individuals several ways to lose weight. These are likely-


1. Control over calorie intake

If you can make an eating habit when you are hungry, then it can lead the way to control the calorie intake. Consuming more calories over the demand won’t necessarily help you to lose weight. So, it is inevitable to control over the calorie intake, which could be done by following the hunger cues throughout the day.


2. Reducing the tendency of overeating


Many of us have a tendency to overeat at the time of consuming foods. Sometimes it happens by facing excessive hunger and sometimes by intention. If it usually happens by intentions, then I have to inform you that you are doing very wrong regarding the weight loss issue.


However, I hope that you can reduce this tendency of overeating in course of time if you can make a habit of eating when you get hungry.


3. Eating smaller meals frequently


We are usually used to follow the trend of eating habit from our ancestor. Thus, we usually follow the trend of eating 2/3 bigger meals throughout the day, what can make us feel hungry rest of the time on the following day. Therefore, if we can make a habit of eating when we are hungry, then it will help us to leave the habit of eating bigger meals.


Keeps you active


When you are the full stomach, it becomes most difficult to move smoothly. You cannot take part in physical activity properly. That why it is difficult to lose your weight. If you eat when you feel hungry then there is less chance of eating extra food.


Prevents sleepy feeling


When you eat excessively your body becomes heavy and you start feeling drowsy. Sleepy feeling reduce your productivity. On the other side, it reduces the amount of sleep at night. So that you remain in want of sleep. However, you already know that lack of sleep is not favorable for losing weight.


Less chance of storing extra fat


When you eat a balanced diet at the time of hungry your most probably going to store less fat. During hungry, your stomach remains underperformed and when it get some food, it performs in full swing. So your digestion system remains strong and it leads you to weight loss.


Moreover, we can substitute this habit with the smaller and frequent meals, which will help the metabolism process take place consistently and orderly.