Drinks to Lose Weight Fast



Can you imagine how important the drink is for the human body? Though it is so important for the existence of human body yet, every drink does not bear the same health benefits. Drinks like sugary are considered always a barrier for the people what to shed their excessive fat from their body. These types of drinks never let you reach your target. So be careful in drinking these types of drinks too often that indulge in gaining weight and even make an obese or you are already obese then it will certainly help you shed some fat. 


Here we go with some drinks these are always beneficial for us in a different unique way. Such drinks never let you be an obese anymore.


Let’s look at what are these-




We know importance if drinking lots of pure water are bigger description. But it is hardly seen by many of us tend to do so. However, it does not taste shooting at all, yet a mere 17 FL oz. of water can boost our metabolism by nearly 30% over a course of 90 minutes that causes an increase in weight loss.


In a study, it is found that- among the participants, who drank nearly 17 FL oz. of water before every meal got a 44% loss in weight over the periods of 12 weeks that was really amazing!


However, it is difficult to recommend to everyone, still over 40% weight loss in just a few weeks without bringing any change to regular diets and exercises it really matters.


So if you can follow it, I hope that can make a remarkable change to your weight.


Lemon Water


I know it is not that kind of appealing sticking to drinking mere pure waters. As it is neither tasty nor flavored. You can swap it for some healthier drinks whenever you need a flavor boost going for any sugared or fizzy drinks instead.


Let’s talk about lemon water which is a healthier and tasty one of course. Lemon water usually helps us in digesting whatever we eat.


Say, during our meals time, it not only helps our body digest whatever we about to eat but also helps to boost our metabolism for after finishing our eating. Though it is not directly losing our weight rather will help to reduce unwanted bloating that usually makes us feel uneasy in our clothes.


Being used to drinking lemon water while eating on a regular basis may help you beat some unwanted indigestion.


Coconut Water


Most of us may be unknown with the health benefits of coconut oil. But coconut oil is a very effective weight loss drink that many of us even don’t know. 


In a recent study published in the journal of medicine food, it is found that coconut water is a low-caloric flavor drink that also has bad cholesterol reducing nutrients. For a mere 46 calories per cup can make a huge impact on weight. So how about bringing low caloric coconut oil swap with some flavored drinks like –soda, juices etc.?


White Tea


Have you ever heard about the health benefits of white tea? It is just completely opposite to black tea but has a lighter flavor. With a mild flavor, it is would be a perfect choice for them who want to shed weight through cutting calories. It is found in a research that it has the ability to break down fat and stand against the formation of cells. It has also a high antioxidant that is good for human health.


Green Tea


Many us already familiar with the health benefits of green tea. It is also considered one of the fat-melting drinks, which may be helpful for you if you are on a weight loss diet.


Some of the good things green tea may bring for you these are very helpful in weight loss. These are likely -


  • It has caffeine that helps us in speeding up our metabolism
  • It helps in preventing the development of fat cells
  • It also helps in increasing fat excretion


Mint Tea


Did you ever experience mint tea and do you know how much it is beneficial for your body? Let’s see what benefits there are in mint tea-


In a study that printed in the Journal of Neurological and Orthopedic medicine found that “Sniffing peppermint every two hours the participants lost an average of five pounds in a month. That is because flavor of mint often give your brain signal that it’s time to stop you’re eating”


So if you are able to continue with mint tea on a regular basis, it may help you lose some extra fat from your body with the passage of time.




Would you like taking a cup coffee every morning? Answers could be ‘Yes’ or ‘No’. Please, don’t judge it just as a mere drink rather judge it by its health benefits. Coffee is thought one of the best drinks, which is a bit effective in weight loss program.


Let’s look at what Kathy Taylor (a registered dietitian) talked about it-


Kathy Taylor mentioned, “It is found in some studies that drinking coffee with caffeine may slightly increase weight loss or in actuality prevent weight gain by suppressing the appetite or the desire to eat” [1]


He also added that "It may also help with calorie burning by stimulating thermogenesis--our body's way of generating heat from metabolizing food. Ultimately caffeine acts as a diuretic causing us to have water loss so there is a temporary decrease in body weight." [1]


But it does not mean that let you live on just drinking coffee alone. If you are keeping yourself aside from taking, important nutrients can even slow down your metabolism process. Maybe it would be wise taking a cup per day if you want to shed a few pounds. Remember adding a cup of water to per cup of coffee may fight against possible dehydration. So do not drink coffee alone without mixing water with it.


[1] Reference: Kathy Taylor, RD; Grady Memorial Hospital; Atlanta, Georgia


So far in this article, it is come to know that how much important a drink can be for your health especially if you are on an ongoing weight loss diet. Nevertheless, it is, of course, will not be wise enough to select the drinks only as weight loss diet help. Think, how a drink can be a replacement for a solid diet? It would be nice if you keep it side by a healthy diet. Along with a healthy diet, weight loss drink can bring you a good outcome for you especially if you are that person who wants to shed some extra pounds. Moreover, the combination of these two can also increase your metabolism power, which is very important for your health.