Drink Water



We can’t live without drinking water. It is termed as another name of life. Two third of this world is occupied with water. It makes the world a good place for living a healthy life. Without water, this world will be just like a desert.


From different studies conducted by health professionals, it is proved that human can live without food near about 3 weeks or more depending on the condition of the body. But, without water, it would be impossible to live just 1 week. The power of surviving varies person to person though.


Drinking a lot of pure water can be very helpful on health-related issues. It can help your body to stay free from all kinds of wastes and germs, more importantly, water is considered as an essential element to lose weight from the body gradually. Health professionals usually recommend the obese people to drink enough water to shed the excess weight on the body.


Now, when you are on the way to lose weight, you can drink water by abiding different rules and regulations. But, few things I want to mention to make your way smoother and easier.


1. Drink before taking meal


From recent studies, health specialists have discovered that drinking before the meal is very fruitful for weight loss process. You can be benefitted in a number of ways by drinking water before taking a meal. These are likely-


  • Drinking water before the meal can make you feel fuller at stomach while eating your meal. So, definitely, it will help you to get rid of the habit of overeating.
  • Drinking water before a meal will lead the way to digest the food faster than an empty stomach. It will accelerate the metabolism process, which will help you to break the food and absorb the nutrients.


2. Drinking normal water can lower the calorie intake


Water is free of calorie; it is consist of Hydrogen and oxygen gas. But all kinds of sugared drinks and beverages contain a certain amount of calories. Sugar is familiar with fast carbohydrate, so it can dissolve into calories faster.


3. Drink water all over the day


Drinking water all over the day is a great way to stay tuned on the way to lose body weight. I am not suggesting that you should drink water in every 30 minutes over the day. With reference to different studies, it is prescribed that an adult person should drink 2 liters of water each day. You can fulfill this demand by drinking water maintaining some interval throughout the day.


Drinking water throughout the day can be helpful for following matters, such as-


  • It will help you stay fuller at stomach all over the day. So, you won’t be tempted to eat more at your meal.
  • Filter your blood from different kind of wastes and germs
  • Digestion process will stay sharp and fast
  • Metabolism process will occur accordingly


4. Replace the sugared drink with pure water


It is wise to replace the sugared drink with pure water, while you are on the way to lose weight. All these soda water and beverages can be helpful in your weight gaining process.



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