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Do supplement work is one of the common questions people used to ask sometimes. Normally foods are the sources of all types of nutrients. But sometimes, it seems difficult to have all the nutrient from foods alone. That is because some of us decide to go for drugs medication. A fiber supplement is one of them that is recommended to meet our body’s demand for fiber. It does versatile benefits for our body. For example, it is very effective in normalizing our bowel activities, preventing constipation etc. Being a health benefactor, it has some negative aspect too. We know that the best way to have fiber is fiber-rich foods. Along with fiber, fiber-rich foods are also considered to make up lacking for other nutrients (vitamins, minerals etc.) that our body demands always. But only fiber supplement cannot full fill the demand for other nutrients except daily fiber intake.


The Reasons People Generally Go for Fiber Supplements


Sometimes it has been difficult to eat more fruits or vegetables to meet up your body’s demand for fiber. In this hectic life, people are more used to do anything in a shortcut way. They don’t want to take an extra headache behind anything for longer. So it can be one of the reasons why people go for fiber supplement medication. We know it takes almost less time to sort out anything unnaturally rather by in a natural form.


What’s Wrong with Taking a Fiber Supplement Everyday?


There is no negative impact found so far using a number of such (psyllium, methylcellulose) fiber supplement. Being an artificial choice for fiber intake, it may cause few problems initially. It causes sometimes gas and abdominal bloating. People who already have an intestinal problem should consult a doctor before going on this medication. It may also have some other problem too. Its strong interaction can weaken the absorption power of some medicine such as-carbamazepine; aspirin etc. It has also a power to reduce blood sugar level. So, People having diabetes need to adjust their medication and insulin. So to escape from these types of complexities you need to ensure drinking enough fluid daily. Similarly, having a small but planned fiber supplement can help minimize your gas problem also.


Are Fiber Supplements Effective for Losing Weight?


There is no significant result found regarding the effectiveness of fiber supplement alone to lose weight. Moreover, not every fiber supplements help notably in losing weight accepts few exceptions. But these types of exception is very rare. Glucomannan is considered as an exceptional one which collected from the konjac root. Conversely, supplements like-psyllium and guar gum found ineffective in losing weight significantly. You May hear that fiber supplements are mainly made by isolating the fiber from plants. So this isolated form of fiber can hardly do help in losing weight. Though few activities are found neither of them so convincing nor unanimously proved by nutritionists. But the best way to get fiber help you lose weight is from whole plant foods. Actually, it is regarded as the finest and the most wholesome way to get fiber.


Do You Want Fiber Supplement Work for You without Having Any Side Effects?


To get fiber supplement work for you, you need to follow up some rules and regulations.


  • It would be wise consulting your regular nutritionist before starting the medication.
  • Instead of rapid enhancement, it would be wise having a gradual increase in the fiber intake daily doses.
  • Excessive use of fiber intake than your body need may harm you. Particularly, if you are on that belief that “The more fiber I have, the more weight I can lose fast”.
  • To feel ease yourself you are to drink nearly 64 oz. daily. Because drink can give comfortable feelings.
  • It is better to split the fiber into multiple meal timing around the day. As a result, you are not having the all-fiber intake at a time, which may help you to protect the fat to be absorbed all the day long.
  • If you are already on any medication, it is better to have a minimum interval of nearly 1 hour between the fiber supplement and the other medication. It can an hour before or one hour after.


Is that all you think solely stimulants; appetite suppressants and other diet supplement are enough to lose weight? Then, why the recent research talked differently?


“To bring you a significant result you need to combine your supplements with other weight loss diet and workouts to make it work” –Found out in a research printed in the international journal of sports nutrition and exercise metabolism.


Moreover, using fiber supplement specifically for losing weight is that effective. Fiber from foods is just like a joint force, which not only includes fiber itself but also the other components available there.




Consuming isolated nutrients how can possess the same effect than that of from a combined nutritional force. Therefore, I think, it may be better to prefer fiber from whole foods to fiber supplements.



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