Do Carb Blocker Pills Work?



Some people get very rare time to think about their diet. As s a result, often they get a diet that may lack some sort of important nutrients or sometimes having more than their body demands. We know it is so important to have a perfect diet to keep your body fit and to escape from some sort of diseases at the same time. But it is sometimes impossible to get all these nutrients accurately so that people often start gaining their weight or are to face various diseases. For these reasons, people are seen to go on medication. Carb blocker pill, sometimes known as a starch blocker, is one of the medications used in reducing your daily calorie intake by keeping your body free from absorbing the carbohydrates portion that comes from your daily diet. It is thought that it comes in handy when you are on the way to losing your weight.


Though it is being often claimed to be a magical one, yet you need to know more detail about it. What is it? How effective is it? How to use? Is there any side effects, etc.?


Here I am providing you some details on it that may help you a bit know about its nature.


Do Carb Blocker Pills Really Work?


Carb blocker pill is a dietary supplement containing special ingredient .the ingredient is basically extracted from white kidneys beans. It works as like as fiber does in your body. The prime job of the pill is to make the carb move quickly out of the body leaving almost no time to get the carb absorbed in the body. Generally, carb blocker is used to suppress the enzyme alpha-amylase that digests starches. As a result, it becomes almost less effective to digest the starches that come from your food consumption due to the movement of the foods along the gastrointestinal area. So these carbohydrates’ portion often goes undigested through the track and be eliminated eventually. Though it is effective in blocking the absorption of carbohydrate, yet there is no proven evidence that claiming to be good at losing weight. But it may help you lose some weight somewhat by reducing the calorie intake in your diet.


Usage Direction


Generally, it is stated on the label of the bottle about the usage procedures of the medication. Therefore, to prevent the absorption of starches while digesting you should take carb blockers just before eating your meal. Though most manufacturers recommend taking two doses daily, yet I ask you to consult your doctor before taking your doses.


Is there any Side Effect?


There are few side effects may be shown at beginning of the medication. Some sort of side effect like-diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, bloating, flatulence, heartburn may occur due to use of it. These usually not that kind of severe. But with the passage of time, these may go away. These types of diseases sometimes become severe for some people. So it is recommended that if these types of situation occur then stop taking the medication immediately. It is also recommended for the patient with diabetes to talk to their doctor before going for carb blocker pills medication.


After all, carb blocker is not a magical solution to give a boost to rapid weight loss. So it would be wise to use your own sense along with the recommendation of your doctor to make a decision about the carb pills medication. So make your decision whether the pills carb works worth for you or not.