Core Workouts

Are you thinking about losing weight? If you want to know how to lose weight then you can consider following the guide to lose weight. Guide to lose weight includes proper diet plan, regular physical exercise, burning more calorie than body requirement, active and healthy lifestyle etc. Besides these, there are some alternative ways like following liquid diet, taking fat burners/weight loss supplements, drinking apple cider vinegar etc.


To be successful in weight loss process, there are some core workouts like crank plank, Spiderman push-up, tipping bird, single leg bridge, ball mountain climber etc. These core workouts help a lot to lose body weight. Let’s have a look at these core workouts.


Spiderman Push-Up


Push-up is a core workout performed in a prone position (a body position where man lies flat with the chest down and back up) by raising and lowering the body with arms. In order to perform Spiderman push-up, at first put your body towards the ground. Then bend your right leg out and up towards your elbow. Again go to the starting point and do the whole process by switching legs. Try to complete ten to fifteen Spiderman push-ups at a time.


Crank Plank



You already know about plank in previous articles written in our website. Just to remember you again I want to give you a short description about it. Plank is a core strength workout. It involves maintaining a position similar to a push-up for the maximum possible time. Plank is also known as hover,abdominal bridge and front hold.


Crank plank is a great core workout to lose weight. To do this workout, at first get into a side plank. Then put your body weight on your foot and left forearm. At the same time keep your right hand behind your head. Rotate your torso and bring your right elbow forward and down. Then move to the starting position and do the whole process again by switching sides. Try to complete ten to fifteen crank planks at a time.





To do this core workout, at first lie on a hard surface. Keep your face down and spread your two hands left and right. Then lift your right leg. Twist your torso and try to reach it across the back of your body towards your left hand. After that go to the starting position and do the whole process again by switching sides. Try to do this exercise ten to fifteen times.


Tipping Bird


In order to perform this effective core workout at first stand on the ground. Then pull your arms at shoulder height. Bend at the hips and extend your right leg back. Try to build T shaped body form.Then move to the starting position and do the whole process again by switching sides. Do ten times at one go.


Single Leg Bridge


Single leg bridge is another effective core workout. To perform this workout at first lie flat on your back. Bend your knees and lift your left leg. Then raise your hip in such a way so that your body can form a straight line from your shoulders to your left knee. Move to the starting position again. Complete ten to fifteen and then switch side.