Clinically Approved Weight Loss Supplements



In the recent years as the increasing numbers of people are being affected by obesity, then it becomes inevitable to figure out the best way to get rid of it. Since it is proved that dieting and performing exercises can pave the way to lose weight; that is why people usually used to follow these two ways at the very beginning of weight loss process.


If these two things fail, then there are no other ways besides taking weight loss supplement. In the US there are significant numbers of people are bound to take weight loss supplements in their daily lives. There are various types of weight loss supplements can be found in the medicine store.


But, not all these types will not work and reduce your weight. Choosing supplements indiscriminately can’t be a better solution in this perspective. So, health professionals usually suggest selecting the supplements which are clinically approved and risk-free. The term risk-free means that the supplement containing the minimal number of side effects.


Here in below, I am going to write down briefly about some of the clinically approved weight loss supplements and their functionality.


Psyllium Husk


Psyllium husk is a form of soluble fiber which is commonly being used as fiber supplements. A publication journal in the year 2010 had figured out that fiber containing supplements can significantly reduce the weight loss problem.


Green tea extract


By conducting several studies in the yesteryears health professionals found a significantly important element from green tea named as catechins which is very much helpful in burning fat. Especially a scientific study being conducted in the year 2007 has figured out that green tea extract can reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases by reducing the fat from the body. It can also be influential in keeping the LDL cholesterol within a limit.


For burning fat, the fat cells must be broken down and moved into the bloodstream. This process is accelerated by green tea. Whatever solution you take for fat burning, you will see green tea in the ingredients. It is a vital element for burning fat. It also boosts the metabolic process. The energy that we need to perform our job comes from the fat tissues in the form of fatty acids. This mobilization process is done by caffeine, which is the main element of green tea.


If you don’t want to be old aged and look younger then it is the best medicine for you. It holds the freshness of your skin and keeps the body cells active. It protects you from cardiovascular disease that are the major causes in the world.


Some people who are obese in their abdominal area can easily drop some fat by taking green tea regularly. If you don’t want to go through the strenuous process of workout you can go with green tea treatment. Although it will not bring any quick improvement in a long time you will be benefited in weight loss purpose.


Beside all these, green tea helps to reduce the chances of diabetes, cancer, any kind infection and dental disease etc.




Fatty acid consisting element named as Conjugated linoleic acid is the major element of these supplements. Some studies show that it can help to curb the body fat. In addition to that, it also helps people to feel fuller in the stomach. In the year 2012, a research conducted on Chinese people with this supplement resulted in the better outcome.




Glucomannan is a kind of fiber supplement mostly well known for its fibrous characteristics. It plays a significant role in weight reduction as well. In the year 2005, it achieved universal recognition for its role in weight loss process.


Whey protein


Whey protein supplement is mostly known for the role of enhancing muscle mass activity. But different research showed that this element also can be useful for reducing body fat by restricting calories intake. It can consistently support the obese people to stick to a low-calorie diet while trying to lose weight from the body.


How to use whey protein


You can use whey protein for reducing weight in many ways. But before taking whey protein you need to learn some know-how about it. Detail is given below.


Replacement for meal


When you are in rush most of the time you miss your meal. So that you remain hungry for rest of the day. But this is very dangerous for weight losing process. There is an option for you to save your time as well reduce weight. You can make a liquid meal with whey protein, fruit, and vegetables and eat it on the go.


Snack replacement


If you have a habit of taking snack then it is not a good practice for weight loss. But you can take it as a snack replacement. When whey protein is taken it makes you feel full for longer period. Consequently, you can stay without eating that leads you to weight loss.


Another important thing you should keep in mind that choose that whey protein which is not added to extra filters or chemicals. These chemicals are not favorable for your body. At the same time, check that it is not filled with sugar and artificial preservatives.