Calories from Fat



Dear readers, today we are going to discuss a term titled “calories from fat.” I think, so far we are well known for the terms “calorie and fat.” That is why may be you would not like me discussing the things further again! Any ways, as a human being, to keep our body fit we need energy. In addition, Calorie is considered as a unit of energy. Generally, carbohydrates, protein and fat are considered as sources of calorie. So we can say a calorie is a combination of these three things in common. If so, then what does calorie from fat mean? The fact calorie from fat indicates us how many calories we particularly get from fat itself. That means, the percentage of calorie is found in a single serving or a portion size of foods come from fat. It does not mean unhealthy or harmful to you. These fats only come from a fat component of a certain food   rather from carbohydrate and protein portion instead.  


For example-


Suppose you are having a peanut butter of 180 calorie of which 130 calorie come only from fat and the rest come from other sources . Just because of high portion of fat it does not mean that it is harmful to your health as it also contains other components like –protein, carbohydrates and some other important components what are always good for your health.


Reversely, if you think to eat much fat may indulge you in gaining weight too much then, it is wrong. Because if you maintain a moderate eating habit, then the portion of fat does not matter so much as per as the calorie is a concern. So, be used to in eating calories reasonably which will not let you be unhealthy or gain much weight. Try to lose your weight through counting calorie not think about fat.


Natural Formation of Calorie


How a calorie generally formatted? As per as we know, a calorie is a combination of three major components of foods we usually used to eat. These are likely-


  • Carbohydrate
  • Protein and
  • Fat.


The basic natural formation of calorie is shown below and the percentage it gets usually from above sources-


  • 1 gram of carbohydrates generates 4 calorie
  • 1 gram of protein generates    4 calories and
  • 1 gram of fat generates 9 calories


The calorie from Fat, Is it Always Harmful to Us?


Though a big portion of calorie comes from fat, not every fat is harmful to health, only that one which triggers bad cholesterol for your health.  We know, there are two types of fats namely saturated fat and non-saturated fat. Since both of them act differently in our health, let see what effect they have on cholesterol in our body. Saturated fat always carries bad cholesterol for our health what is termed as LDL. Generally, LDL cholesterol triggers roadblock in our artery that paves the way to various heart diseases and weight complexities. Whereas, the good one is HDL which is carried by unsaturated fat helps the artery from being conglomerated through acting reverse against LDL. To be honest, if you are too concerned about gaining more weight, then every fat would be a bit shocking to you!


Reversely, if you want to get yourself stronger and loss some fat, you certainly don’t need to avoid eating fatty foods like peanut butter, cheese, meats, chips, sauces etc. Because it does not mean that eating fat-rich food triggers your weight getting so high. It is all up to what kind of fats of the food are as I described a bit earlier. Something like high in saturated and Trans fats what are always considered as a killer. Therefore, that is the term what people matter always regarding the fat issues especially who is very concern about the fat intake. Moreover, because of having these types of foods too often, there is always a chance of gaining weight too. As a result, of it people may often become obese.


Recently, in different studies, it has shown that how the different sources of calorie intake make a huge impact on our health.


According to a study done by the journal “obesity” indicated that a person who gets calories from trans-fat in a large quantity has more possibility of weight gaining comparing to another who getting calories from other sources. The other sources mainly indicate to fat from carbohydrate or protein.


From this above discussion, it has been now very clear that not every fatty food or fat is harmful to us but only those, which are rich in Trans and saturated fat. So there is no boundary is set in eating un-saturated fats leading foods like- fish oil. Salmon, trout, sardine, tuna, Olive oil, corn oil, peanut oil .omega-3 which may meet your body’s fat demand also.


Finally, it is very important for us to have a firm knowledge about calorie intake. In case of choosing calorie intake, you have to pay a special attention to the types of fat found in a certain portion of a food. As per as your health is concerned, you have to take a prior precaution on your calorie intake fat whether it is from saturated and Trans source or from unsaturated sources. That is the issue people usually concerned for especially who is a big health-nut.