Best Fat Burner



Losing weight is a very tough job indeed. In order to get the idea about how to lose weight, you can follow guide to lose weight. If you follow the guide to lose weight you will find various ways to lose weight like physical exercise, strict diet plan etc. In the guide of losing weight, you will also find the term fat burner.Do you know what fat burner is? If you don’t then I can briefly inform you about fat burner. There are some weight loss supplements those help your body to break down fat and consequently this fat can be used for energy. These weight loss supplements are commonly known as fat burners.


Let’s have a look at an example of fat burner. You drink coffee regularly or occasionally. Am I right? You may know that main ingredient of coffee is caffeine. This caffeine is a great fat burner. In numerous weight loss supplements, you will find this caffeine. Now I am sure that you have got a clear conception about fat burner.


Do you want to follow a better way to choose best fat burner? Then you must be sure that it consists of the best elements those are proved to burn fat. But be careful. Some ingredients of fat burners may have very dangerous side effects.So ask your doctor or dietitian whether the product safe for you or not that you are going to use. Let’s have a look at some best fat burners those can help you a lot to gain weight loss.




Caffeine is a great fat burner. It helps a lot to break down body fat. Caffeine not only decreases glucose metabolism but also increases fat metabolism. As a result body fat burns more. It also generates heat production in the body. As a result of very short time, your body burns more calorie than regular process.


Research shows, people who drink more coffee relatively gain less weight than people who drink less coffee.


I want to alert you that taking more than 400 mg of caffeine may have bad side effects like insomnia, nervousness, gastric problem etc. Various fat burner brands use a different amount of caffeine in their product. On an average, they use around 300 mg caffeine per serving. You may know that from one cup coffee you will get around 100 mg caffeine. So please don’t take more than one cup coffee and one dose of fat burner.


Green Tea


Green tea is also a great fat burner. It contains antioxidants that are known as catechins. It helps a lot to burn body fat.


Catechins increase the level of enzymes that break down body fats. Catechins also stimulate fat burning process by lowering the amount of glucose available for energy.


Green tea’s major type of catechin is EGCG. Research shows EGCG has the ability to boost the exercise effect. People who take EGCG burn more body fat than the people who do not take EGCG.




Yohimbine is an element derived from Yohimbe tree. This tree is available in Africa. Yohimbine is a proven good fat burner.It helps to boost adrenaline. Consequently, the breakdown of body fat becomes faster. Research shows, among the people who take yohimbine, the percentage of fat becomes lower than the people who do not take yohimbine.




Berries are very helpful fruits in fat burning process. Its antioxidant and polyphenol levels are so high. Besides, it contains approximately 85% water. It will also help your body to fight chronic disease and cancer.


A recent study shows that, if you add more berries in your morning smoothie may reduce heart attack risk. In addition, it will be a lot more beneficial if you eat with its membrane. Because it contains lots of fiber.


Besides caffeine, green tea, yohimbine there some other fat burners like a green coffee bean, capsaicin (derived from capsicum) etc also help to burn fat.



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