Benefits of Drinking Lemon Water



Lemon is a very helpful for losing weight. For these characteristics of lemon, many celebrities solely stick to this juice day after day. Lemon helps to burn your fat in your body so you remain in shape. Lemon juice is nothing but water with lemon extract. You can use whatever amount of juice you want. There is no seasonal restriction so it can be consumed either cold or hot season. Some dietician suggest drinking lemon juice in breakfast because it helps to boost your mood, energy level, metabolism and immune system.   


Nutrition facts of lemon juice


A glass of lemon juice does not contain too much nutrient but it is a low calorie and low sugar drink with plenty of vitamin C. in a glass of water there is 9 calories, 1 gram of sugar, vitamin C 25% of the RDI, Folate 1% of the RDI, potassium 1% of the RDI. It contains many antioxidants that help to protect your cell from damage.


Benefits of lemon water


It treats kidney stone


A kidney stone that is mainly made of calcium oxalate which is normally removed by citrate. When the amount of citrate is increased it hinders calcium to form a stone. It is the more effective treatment for kidney stone when it is added with potassium.


Helps in digestion and detoxification


The atomic structure of lemon juice and digestive juice are same. So it helps consumed food to pass through the intestine very easily. It also keeps you away from indigestion and upset stomach. There is acid in lemon juice that promotes the processed food more effectively. When this process happens insulin, level stays steady and so your body gets more nutrient than ever.


Supply plenty of vitamin C


Your body does not make Vitamin C on its own so that it needs to get plenty of vitamin C from a various food source. Lemon juice provides profuse amount of vitamin C which white blood cell production strengthen your immune system


Revive skin and cure body


Our skin becomes damaged due to free radicals. Lemon juice contains such an antioxidant that keeps your skin fresh. Plenty of vitamin C produces collagen which necessary to smooth face line. In the study, it is seen that vitamin C makes your look younger and wrinkles free.


Help lose weight


Lemon is rich in the fiber called pectin which seen in fruits. The characteristics of pectin are it causes you feel full. That means you need to consume less food throughout the day. Thus, you lose weight.


It refreshes your mind boost your energy


I recommend taking a glass of lemon juice instead of coffee. Because it boosts your energy level and refreshes your mind. The scent of lemon juice decrease stress level and improve your mental condition.


Remove bad breath


It is bi tough to forget the strong smell of lemon after rubbing on the palm. But very few people are there who don’t like the smell of it. For these characteristics, it is used for neutralizing the odor. If you are having bad breath and bothering to communicate with people then you treat this problem with lemon juice.


Although it is safe to drink lemon juice there are some side effects of it as it contains citric acid that damage tooth enamel. To avoid this risk you can drink lemon juice with a straw. Some people may face heartburn after drinking it. Otherwise, it is very beneficial for health.