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Over Weight or obesity is a complex health problem, which results from numerous health issues. That’s why figuring out treatment can be difficult. When a person is obese for a particular reason, other people may or may not be obese for the same reason. So a treatment that suits one person may or may not suit another person. In some cases, treating obesity may make other health issues worsen. For various reasons, treating obesity can be a complex and time-consuming process.

Balloon procedure is a type of weight loss treatment that has become popular these days. In medical term, it is known as a gastric balloon. Basically, it is a non-surgical tool to treat overweight or obesity.   


Gastric Balloon Procedure


Gastric balloon is a soft and flexible balloon, which gets placed in the stomach. Normally it gets inserted orally. Then it gets extended with saline fluid. When it becomes too large, it can’t pass through the intestine. Then it floats in your stomach. Consequently, you feel full and you tend to eat less, which leads to weight loss.


Suitability for Balloon Procedure


There are some preconditions for undergoing gastric balloon procedure. Doctors suggest this procedure if the patient is over 32 years old. It is suitable for those who are excessively overweight and will be at risk in case of a major surgery. A doctor may consider some other relevant factors in order to determine a person’s suitability for balloon procedure.


Major Benefits of Balloon Procedure


Suppose you have gone through this treatment successfully. It’ll then undoubtedly reduce your weight in the long run. On top of taking care of weight, the procedure will also indirectly combat other obesity-related issues such as diabetes, high blood pressure, sleeping disorder, immobility, etc. What’s amazing about the procedure is that it doesn’t involve a surgery which can be costly, time-consuming and painful. It takes only few hours and your regular activities won’t get interrupted much.


Alternatives to Gastric Balloon Procedure


You have already known that the principle of losing weight is eating reasonably and being active throughout the day. But it is often difficult to eat sensibly and perform workouts. So, you can try balloon procedure to avoid overeating. Balloon procedure may not be suitable for everyone. There are alternatives to balloon procedure. Such alternatives include gastric bypass, sleeve gastrectomy, gastric banding, etc. These alternatives require a person to be at hospital and they can be painful to some extent.


Balloon Installation Procedure


Balloon gets placed inside stomach orally. This requires patients to swallow the stuff though mouth. Before patients swallow the balloon, doctors examine inside of stomach using an endoscopic camera. When everything inside stomach looks good, doctors allow patients to swallow the balloon. In order to make swallowing easy, doctors use a throat spray which makes throat numb. When the balloon gets inside stomach, a doctor fills the balloon with sterile saline through a tube attached to the balloon. When the balloon gets filled, doctor pulls the catheter out. The balloon has a self-sealing valve. It floats in the stomach.


Time for keeping and removing the Balloon


Typically, the balloon gets placed for 6 months. The acidic content in the balloon gets weaker over time. If you need to keep it longer than 6 months then your doctor can replace it with a new one. Using the balloon for longer than six months is usually not recommendable. Both placement and removal of the balloon take place through the mouth. Placement and removal are not difficult. However, you may experience pain, bleeding and vomiting.


So it is easy to place and remove so you will not suffer for this treatment for a long time but you may have some pain, bleeding and vomiting. Whatever you do please take some time and if possible do some study to go with any particular treatment.



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