Abs Workout for Women at Home

The possibility of abnormal weight gain in women is acuter than that in men. Though in modern times, many women are seen to go for outdoor workouts or hitting to a gym, but the time when they stay at home are rarely seen to engage in any sort of workout that may help them to maintain balanced weight or lose extra pounds.


Even, in some case, they are showing a lot of passions but not getting enough opportunities to implement it.as a pragmatic woman, there are still some opportunities you can grab even staying at home. Yes, I am talking about some home workouts, which can be very fruitful in giving you nicer and stronger abs, as well.


Here I am mentioning some of them for your shake-


Oblique V-Up




Oblique V-up is one of those workouts which is very fruitful in giving you a flatten abs. it is one of the best workouts that women at can easily perform.


Here are some steps you may also need to follow to perform these workouts at home.


These are likely-


  1. Firstly, you need to lie on your left side by angling your legs 30 degrees from your own hips.
  2. Secondly, put your left arm on the floor and the right one behind your head.
  3. now try to lift your legs straight off the floor gradually and bring your torso close to your legs
  4. Finally, return to the position where you started.


Thus, try to continue around 15-20 times on your every side. I hope, doing this regularly may help you lot to get flat abs.


Plank with Gluten Squeeze



Plank with gluten squeeze is a nice sort of home workout you can try even staying at your home. It is one of the most fruitful workouts programs for maintaining perfect abs. So, to perform this workout you are to follow some steps.


These are likely–


  1. Firstly, you are to get on the floor.
  2. Secondly, you are to prop up yourself on your forearms.
  3. Thirdly, your toes must be flexed so that you can adjust your body to shape a straight line. Now, try to contract your glute with abs tightly.


Finally, keep waiting for around 15 seconds staying at this position. Now stop and take rest for a couple of seconds by lowering your knees. It is the first attempt; you need to repeat it for minimum 10 times every day. I hope that may work excellent to get nicer and stronger flat abs.


Rotating Superwoman


It is also a kind of home workouts effective for women to get their abs flatten.


The way you can perform this is given below-


Start with lying on your back, and then extend your hands overhead and straight your legs as well. Now you need to tighten your core as well as try to raise your legs and shoulders nearly 5-6 inches off the ground. Now leave in this situation for around 15 seconds. Anyways, staying in such situation you need to try to roll onto your belly by keeping your legs and arms off the ground as like a flying bird. Again, hold it for 15 sec. then get back into the normal situation.  Repeating it for around 5 to 6 times may significantly help you to get flexible and flatten abs.


Rock 'n' Raise



Rock and raise is also a helping workout option for you to try at home. This is also considered as one of the best workout options for abs.


How to do this-


First of all, you need to lie on your back by keeping arms beside your body and then point your knees outward as well as keep touching your soles of feet on the ground. Now try to raise your legs saying at there until your toes get pointed toward the ceiling and your hips from the ground slightly.


After few seconds, get back to the starting point and repeat it for several times until the session is completed.


However, if you can continue with these types of home workouts on a regular basis, you may get a notable change in getting a stronger and nicer abdominal muscle.